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The Logic And Importance of An Effective Internet Security

Updated on December 4, 2010

It appears that every invention made by man comes with both advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it is essential that man should learn to use the inventions wisely and judiciously so as to derive optimum benefits out of them. The Internet is such an invention that is capable of bestowing immense benefits to mankind. But, unfortunately, there are certain ill-intentioned people who indulge in nefarious activities like spreading viruses and many other threats to make life nightmarish for the Internet users. These cybercriminals must be kept at bay and should be prevented from doing this harm.

So, it becomes absolutely necessary that you should protect your computer with an effective Internet security. The Internet security software you use must be both fast and light because if your computer is slowed down, the very purpose of accessing the Internet will be defeated.  Apart from providing you with such a great security, the software must ensure that the performance of the computer is not affected at all. Further, criminals should be prevented from stealing your identity because they may even go to the extent of looting your money also by accessing your bank accounts.

A good Internet security should also warn you whenever you voluntarily or involuntarily access unsafe and suspicious websites whenever you make searches. It should also block sites that may maliciously destroy both your computer and the data on it. To put in a nutshell, you should be able to surf, chat and also do your online banking without any fear. The software should also keep the viruses and threats away because if they attack your system, you may unknowingly pass on the same to others through your mails and chats.

The software should enhance the performance of your computer to the desired level. Only the files at risk should be identified and scanned by the software and hence, these scans should not take a long time. You should also get updates from the company that provides this Internet security about the latest threats so that you can upgrade the security level to combat such new threats. At the same time, the software should run and operate only in the background without eating up your computer's memory and its resources.

A good Internet security software also securely remembers your user name and password to enter them automatically for enabling speedy log ins. Since you are forewarned of a crimeware or a threat in a downloaded file, you will be more careful. Your emails and messages are scanned thoroughly to ensure that you are not affected by any other problem.

With the help of this software, you can keep a watch on the sites visited and social network activities indulged in by your kids because they may go astray if they visit wrong sites or choose wrong friends on the social networking sites. You can also closely monitor their computer time so that they can be made to concentrate more on their studies and other physical activities.


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    • Manna in the wild profile image

      Manna in the wild 

      8 years ago from Australia

      It's good to see more people like yourself taking some security measures.


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