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The Middle Class in the U.S. is D.O.A.

Updated on July 25, 2013

The Middle Class never existed it was a marketing scam according to James Altucher.

Fannie Mae had a slogan, "We make the American Dream come true". Fannie Mae has destroyed what was left of the Dream as the largest provider of Mortgages over the past 50 years.

Most of the jobs that our parents and grandparents worked are no longer needed in the marketplace. They may have never been needed. So while Technology, and the temp staffing industry are growing at a steady rate in the U. S. they have replaced the jobs of what was once known as the middle class.

CEO's have been chomping at the bits for decades on how to get rid of unneeded workers only to have 2008 gave them the opportunity they needed to get rid of workers. "It is the economy", they said. But the U.S. has been out of the recession since 2009 and yet the jobs have not returned. Did company bosses use the recession to fire people?

People in every sector of the economy is losing their jobs while the temp staffing agencies revenues are astronomical. Everyone is getting hosed.

It's about them not about you. The Corporations are not in love with you, in fact they don't even like you. They don't even want you around. They aren't interested in you becoming a rock star, it is all about them. You work tirelessly to make them money, make them look good, help them rock social media channels. Yes, even your boss.

Viral Blogging System
Viral Blogging System

Abundance creates Happiness

Let's talk about increase in salary does not equate to happiness. Because the fact is people spend what they make and the reality is people spend more than they make. You get a raise then you do one of several things like get an new computer, a bigger house, a new vehicle, have a pool placed in your backyard. And you wonder where did all my money go. You really didn't need anything you purchased so back to work for another try at the salary increase game. I have never seen anyone save their salary increase.

Word to the wise don't keep a job for salary raises, it will never get you to where you want to go. Freedom from Financial worry!

The new Economy is set for innovators and creative people. If you truly want to become an innovator and a creative person your must invest in yourself. Personal Development is necessary to refocus your mindset and to create a paradigm shift so you can resolve feeling of doubt, remove negativity and excuses.

Many people don't think they are a fit for entrepreneurship, but one example of this is blogging. Did you know that many people earn a substantial income using the web? Find something you enjoy doing and build a business around that. Even if you do it part-time and eventually go full-time this the best time to get started.

Control you destiny! Take charge of your life. Don't put your future in the hands of your manager or boss. Don't let one source of income critically put you at risk of loosing your shirt. Removing yourself from a toxic environment can do wonders for you. I worked in a corporate environment and I did not thrive in it. I am a creative person and I needed space to exercise my ideas and implement them immediately.

I have found a blogging system which allows me to brand my business and market via the web. It also provides 8 Core Commitments which includes audio and weekly calls that help me develop a winning mindset. Take Massive Active.

If you want to break out of corporate America like I did.

Work with me.

This quote is one of my favorite...

“Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Live the Abundant Life!


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