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The Most Important Tips for an Android Application Development

Updated on March 21, 2014

Android app Development

The Android operating system is becoming the most popular operating system in this modern day. The success of this OS is beyond the imagination level. Millions of Android powered Smartphones are launching every day. So a great door of opportunities has opened for android app development. Google Play is the place where developers publish their created or developed application. Android OS is now operating and dominating the whole Smartphone market in the world. Many business companies are now focusing on Android developing business. So android developing business is improving and expanding day by day.

All Android apps are not successful because of some reasons. Most of the times the developers can’t understand a consumer’s demand. All the developers are not very good in both science and the art of mobile development. For this sometimes they forget or misuse the fundamentals of mobile application development that make actually good for nothing though it is not too hard to make a successful mobile application. This article covers many useful tips that will help an application developer to make a successful application

Designing apps using responsive web design

Responsive web design can be the best solution of the problems facing during the apps developing. It is a kind of web design which deals with both cross browser and cross platform compatibilities. Web developers make code for desktops, handheld PCs, and Smartphone. Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich is that type of device in which responsive web design is used. This device tries to combine all Android powered Smart phones and tablet PCs.

Do not ignore fragmentation

Android developers only had an option to build two layouts in a screen before so that the OS could select the most suitable of them. But still it is not a solution of the question of fragmentation. After releasing Android 3.2 developers are able to create more than two layouts. So Android developers can make an affective and successful Android apps with little efforts.


Socialization is that thing which creates quick awareness among users. It is very important for computer coding. This is a very fast way which helps to get acceptance of users of a certain application. For example if a user shares his/her the information or success about the game application through Facebook or Twitter profile many other people can see and download that app.

Let the first impression of icon last long

The Google play has thousands of mobile apps but all the apps are not equally popular. To make an app popular a developer has to keep in mind that first impressions of icon last long. So to make successful app a developer must have to make an attractive icon for the app. If the icon of the app is becoming attractive the users will show more and more interest about that app.

The Price Factor

The price factor is not so effective in mobile apps like a PC app. Most of the apps are free of cost or available at a very low price. So price factor is not so much effective in mobile apps.

So if you have an Android Development project in your hand, do not forget to consider the above mentioned pointers. This information is brought to you by expert Android Developers.


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    • profile image

      rajveer05 3 years ago

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    • profile image

      Zoya Bennet 4 years ago

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