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The Most Protective Cases For Apple iPods, iPhones And iPads

Updated on April 22, 2016

Apple Products

Apple Products
Apple Products | Source

My Story

I am stay-at-home Mom of two rough and energetic young children. Everyone in the house uses Apple products for everything. We have an iPod for each person (the kids got our old ones when we wanted to upgrade), two iPhones, an iPad mini, an iPad, a MacBook Pro and an Apple TV.

Since they are so expensive to buy and repair, I decided to find a case for all of our iPods, iPads and iPhones that could stand up to the children's roughness and my clumsiness.

I finally found cases for all of them that I am happy with. One case is even water-proof!

iPod Case That Protects

The Otterbox case is my favorite case for iPods. It feels natural in the hand and it protects the screen, back and sides.

You can get the Otterbox in a variety of colors and I see them go on sale on Amazon regularly.

Unlike the iPad Otterbox case, the iPod Otterbox case has an opening on the back so you can see the Apple symbol with the case on.

It is a bit bulkier than the Lifeproof case, but it protects very well.

iPod, iPad and iPhone Cases That Protect

iPod Otterbox Case
screen protector
iPhone LifeProof Case
screen protector, waterproof
iPad Otterbox Case
screen protector, extra protective layer, stand built in
I have tried out several covers for my Apple products. These are the most protective cases I could find.

iPhone Case That Protects

My favorite case for the iPhone is the LifeProof case. It also comes in a variety of colors. It feels natural and lite-weight in the hand and it shows the Apple symbol on the back of the iPhone.

One really nice feature of the LifeProof case is that it is completely waterproof. You can even bring it in the shower with you if you want. It comes with special earphones to plug into your iPhone in case you do want to listen to the iPhone in the shower. Once, I accidentally put it in the washing machine for a few minutes. I took it out and it worked perfectly!

The LifeProof case also has a built in screen protector, so it protects the iPhone from all sides.

My Rating Of The iPad Otterbox Case

5 stars for iPad Otterbox Case

iPad Cases That Protect

I have finally settled on the Otterbox case for my iPad and iPad mini. I have tried a few other cases, but this one works better than any of the other iPad cases I have tried.

The Otterbox case fits perfectly on my iPad and iPad mini. It comes in different colors, so you can find a look that you like. I chose the pink and white Otterbox case since it was on sale on Amazon for half the price (plus, I really like pink!).

The Otterbox case covers the whole iPad, even the screen. It has a built-in screen protector, so you do not have to worry about trying to put the screen protector on yourself. When I use the iPad, the screen protector does not get in the way of the iPad detecting my finger action on the screen.

Not only does the Otterbox case cover the iPad completely, but it also comes with an extra piece that you can snap onto the back of the iPad for extra protection. It makes it a little bulkier though. The nice thing about the extra piece is that it has built in stands for the iPad so you can stand your iPad up at three or four different angles in case you want to watch a video on it.

I had a crack on my screen and was worried that I would need to get it fixed. I bought the Otterbox case two years ago and put it on. It has protected the screen from cracking any further even though I have dropped it a few times since putting it on.



Best iPod, iPad and iPhone Covers

Which is your favorite iPad, iPod and iPhone cover?

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Where To Find The Best Deals On Apple Product Covers

Best Buy and Walmart normally have good deals on cases and you can price check in those stores, but I find that the best deals are on Amazon!

I wait until the product goes on sale on Amazon and then I buy it. You can place it in your cart and wait until you get an alert saying that the price has dropped or you can keep checking back on Amazon for sales.

iPad Case

iPad Case
iPad Case | Source

OtterBox Defender for the Apple iPad Mini

Reasons To Have A Case For Your Apple Product

Not only does your Apple case protect your iPad, iPod or iPhone from drops, but some covers also protects against water damage. Cases will also help keep your iProduct clean. Smudges can be wiped off much more easily with a cover on.

The biggest reason to have a cover on your iPhone, iPod or iPad is to prevent the screen from cracking. The screens crack very easily, so if you are rough with your product or you have kids or pets, it is a good idea to have a case. If you bring your Apple product into rough terrain or move it around a lot, it is also a good idea to have a cover over it.

By protecting your Apple product with a case, you will prevent having to replace the screen or having the warranty run our because of water damage.

A screen replacement runs around $100, so the price of the cover will pay you back in no time!


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    • profile image

      Anibal 3 years ago

      This is why I have an Otterbox Defender! I have hardwood flroos in my house and my phone constantly goes flying from my hands, off the bed, out of my pocket, all SMACK right onto the floor, face down. I show people how durable it is by purposefully dropping my iPhone on concrete. BUT, should I ever decide to forego my Defender for something slimmer and smaller and I happen to drop my phone, this will be indispensable! You can also get different colored face plates for a pretty good price, if you're going to void your warranty you may as well do it in style!