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All about the Netcoin (NET) Community

Updated on January 3, 2015

The Netcoin (NET) logo was design by world renown artist Joe Jones of during the logo redesign. The creator of netcoin has decided that the logo would have a redesign in order to convey his intent that Netcoin (NET) is very serious and here to stay.

The forum website is at where there are a lot of features that cannot be found on any other forums.

After you signed up as a member of the forum, you need to make 10 posts in order to make a reply or make a new thread anywhere else in the forum. During this time, your posts are limited to the "Netcoin Newbies Section" found at the first part of the forum threads. You will also have a rank in the forum. Depending on the total number of posts you made, your rank will also change. Below is my current rank.

Posting rules are as follows:

1. You get paid 2 NET every time you post a comment or 4 NET to make a thread or start a poll.

2. You get paid 50 NET for each rank you climb!

The picture above also display the current Netcoin that I have gained from posting in the forum.

The forum also has support for different languages. So far we have Deutsch/German, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, and Czech. More languages will be added for a wider support.

At the bottom of the forum is the Chat Box. You can chat with members and moderators as well as Admin if he is online.

People are friendly and you will get a reply for any urgent question that you may have regarding Netcoin (NET)

Aside from the Chat Box, I have found this neat Calendar App where you can easily set an Event in different sections of the forum as well as make polls.

I accidentally discovered this when searching for other features to feature for this article.

Another feature of the forum is the Netcoin Forum bank. The feature of the bank are:

"You can put some coins into our Forum Bank and earn interest! Currently 0.25% paid daily. There is a 500,000 maximum deposit. You have to post on the forum at least once a day to earn the interest."

In the image below, My bank deposit is displayed on the right where it says "Savings Account" and below that are the transactions that I made and interest that I gained in the bank.

This is one of the ways that you can get netcoins by just posting into the forum, just not in the newbies section as you wont qualify for a bank interest there, and gain interest for a day. All it takes is just 1 post in the forum.

Before we go any further let me just clarify a few things. First the netcoins that you gained din the forum are actual netcoins. However, they are some sort of an "offline" wallet. But do not worry. The forum as a thread called "Deposits and Withdrawals" where you can request the Admin to send your netcoins to you official wallet or if you want to make a deposit on your forum wallet.

An application is being developed in order for you to transfer your forum wallet to your official wallet automatically. We are still waiting for it. But for now, use the thread to make deposits and withdrawal. Your netcoin is very safe.

Altcoin Dice

The rule of the game are:

Play max bet and win over 150.000 Netcoins ! Almost instant (requires two confirmations) - Provably fair game - 98% expected payout - 2% house edge The game sends 0.01 Netcoin back for any loss. Also 0.01 Netcoin is retained from payout amount to cover fees.

WARNING : Make sure you are using a wallet where you control the addresses as the payout will be returned to one of this wallet address. Do not use web wallets.

You send netcoins from your wallet tp the netcoin address specified depending on the Win Odds that you want. If the random result is less than the rule specificed, then you win. If not then you lose.

For example

1. I bet on less than 62259

2. I send say 100 netcoin to nA3MQ26xyaAvfv1pVyR6mjgrSf6eYTjzER since it is the address specified.

3. I will wait for the result.

4. Once the result are in, i will will 100 netcoins x1.032 or lose them and get 0.01 netcoin instead


How to play

Follow the simple instructions below to start playing. One important thing: Do not use shared wallets (such as Cryptsy, Coins-E, Vircurex, McxNow, Phenix-ex, etc.) to send your bets as we will not be able to send your winnings back to you. Only use the real wallet software that you use to store your coins locally!

1. Choose your bets! Below you can see which bet options you have, with their corresponding chance-to-win and win-multiplier. You can send multiple bets in a single transaction if you want, each one will be processed separately.

2. Send your bet! Send the amount you want to bet to the corresponding address(es). Don't bet outside the min/max range, or we will have to send back (part of) your bet minus a transaction fee.

3. Check if you won! You can paste the transaction ID from your wallet below and click 'Get Results' to see the status of your bet. After 2 days, when we release the today's secret code, you will also be able to see that your result was calculated fairly.

The game is similar to Altcoin Dice. The same rules for playing.



  1. Choose your investment. Your return will be the amount plus interest, minus 1% house fee, and 5% towards the progressive jackpot.
  2. Deposit the EXACT amount of NETCOINS requested, within 15 minutes. NOTE: Your Deposit must have at least 2 confirmations within 15 minutes. Invalid amounts, or amounts without enough confirms will go to the tip jar. If you send a transaction that hasn't confirmed, you can keep re-buying it with the same address, without sending payment until its confirmed.
  3. When someone purchases the investment from you, you will receive payment and they will now own the investment.
  4. Every time your investment expires, you win either a consolation prize of 1% of the jackpot, or a 1 in 20 chance of winning all of the Jackpot. Jackpot keeps accumulating until won.

Stock Market

All data are REAL. However, this is only limited to forum. You did not actually purchase an actual share on the company but rather you invested your forum netcoin to see if you can gain a profit from the actual data on the stock market.

As you can see in the image below, I have lost a few netcoins since the price has now gone down since I purchased my stocks.

This feature of the Netcoin forum will be removed by December 20, 2013 but will be hosted outside of it. Visit the Netcoin Forum for details on this great feature.

Netcoin Lottery

How to play

  1. Enter your address for winnings to be sent to below.
  2. Send 100 NET to the address given to you on the next page.
  3. For every 100 NET you send, you will be entered once into the drawing.
  4. E.g. if you send 2 x 100 NET you you will be entered twice into the drawing.
  5. A winner is drawn whenever we have at least 20 entries.
  6. If you are selected, 99% of the pot will be sent to you. The other 1% goes to supporting Netcoin NET Lottery.

NEW: Netcoin Casino

The netcoin casino is a a new addition to the netcoin foundation set of applications. It is hosted at and that as of the moment it has 4 games that is guaranteed to be as fun as possible and to also gain you some Netcoins (NET). The games are:

American Roullete

BlackJack Classic Deluxe

Texas Holdem Deluxe

Slot Machine called Super Super Hot 3RS (now that is originality lol)

Details on how to play these games can be found on the website. Visit the Netcoin Casino anytime and win yourself some Netcoins (NET)

So there you have it folks. These are the features that you can expect when you join the Netcoin Community. We have some of the most unique features that you can find in any forum and great benefits to its members simply by posting in the threads. We also have tons of games that you can enjoy so as to easy boredom.

Do join us and register to for the latest news and great features of netcoin and news on its community.

Let us all work together to bring this great crypto currency into the mainstream.


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    • Richard Demalata profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Demalata 

      5 years ago from Santa Rosa, Laguna

      Thanks Buddy ^_^

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      +1 Richard)

    • Richard Demalata profile imageAUTHOR

      Richard Demalata 

      5 years ago from Santa Rosa, Laguna

      Thanks rick :)

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Great forum guide! Thanks for your hard work :)


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