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The New Ideas Of Portable Solar Panels...

Updated on June 10, 2012
The Goal Zero Guide 10...
The Goal Zero Guide 10...

The New Ideas Of Portable Solar Panels...

Hello people! Can I ask you a question? Why is it that when we think of solar panels we think of those big, bulky things that people are putting on their roofs to save them energy? Why are we not thinking of solar energy as a even better source of energy for our day to day activities? Who is still working on portable solar panels? Well this hub will get you to thinking that way. Because I'm going to show you the new ideas of portable solar panels that you may or may not have known about!

So hang in there with me as I expand your mind! Thanx!

Portable Solar Panels...

First of all, solar panels have come a long way from just saving you money on your electric bill. Sure they still do that but they can now do so much more. Did you know that a portable solar panel can provide power to your home if your lights are knocked out in a thunderstorm? Did you know that portable solar panels can help power up your most cherished electronic devices that you use everyday? You know, the Ipods, the Ipads, the Iphones!

Yes portable solar panels are able to provide power to all of these devices everyday. They are not just to save you money on your electric bill. They can save you money everywhere! Let's get into this!

The Goal Zero Guide 10 is just one of the great products that have come on the market that can do some of the things that I described above. It is primarily designed to power your essential smaller electronics. The I-stuff that I spoke of earlier. But you may ask yourself: Do I have to carry around a big, bulky solar panel to achieve this? The answer is No!

The Goal Zero Guide 10 and the accompanying solar panel that comes with it, (the Nomad 7..) are very compact. You can fit them on the back of your backpack. Or if you like, you don't have to carry them at all. You can just carry the Guide 10 battery pack. Which can power all of your small electronics with ease. Check out the following video to see what I'm talking about!

The New Ideas Of Portable Solar Panels...

The New Ideas Of Portable Solar Panels...

So you've seen the above video and you're thinking to yourself: "What other things can I use a portable solar panel for?" Well my friend, there are a couple of things that come to mind. I touched on them briefly earlier, but let's list them so you can see what I'm talking about.

The new ideas of portable solar panels include:

1. Providing portable solar power to your small electronics. At the end of your day when you just want to make a phone call and your cell phone battery is on "E". The Guide 10 power pack will give your phone the energy it needs to make that phone call, and anything else that you might have to do with your phone.

2. Providing power to your home. I know you've heard about solar panels for your home. I'm not talking about that here. I'm talking about when the power goes out and your kids are scared and you have to wait for the local utility company to turn you back on. With the new ideas of portable solar panels if you had a Goal Zero Extreme 350 Power Pack, you could plug up all of your essential electronics to it and you wouldn't be at the mercy of the utility company. This thing can handle your refrigerator, your Iphones and your Ipads, ALL AT THE SAME TIME! (Don't worry. I got a video for that too!)

3. Providing power when you're away from home. If you're the outdoors type but you can't live without your Ipad or your computer while in the wild. Then the new ideas of portable solar panels have that covered as well! Just like the above example. you will be able to power all of your essential electronics while out in the field. So you want miss that game of "Words With Friends" while away from home!

The New Ideas Of Portable Solar Panels...

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The New Ideas Of Portable Solar Panels...

So there you have it! Those are just some of the new ideas of portable solar panels! I'm pretty sure that we will be having this conversation again in the future when the technology allows more and more ideas to come forth. Until then, I hope that you have changed your thinking about solar panels in general. They are so much more than the big, bulky, save money on your electric bill, rooftop apparatuses. They can do a lot more! Thanx!


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