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The Newest Technology for Finding Your Lost Phone or Lost Keys

Updated on March 17, 2016

A New And Easy Way To Find Your Lost Cell Phone or Lost Keys

Sometimes it happens to all of us, we misplace or lose our keys and it takes a lot of time to find them or we lose our keys or are cell phone and we never get them back. But now, there is a new way to find your keys or your cell phone when you lose them with the new Tile key finder tabs that you attach to your phone or your keys.

The cool thing about this app and the Tile key finder tabs is that you no longer need to worry about losing the things that you need on a daily basis of course, but in addition to that its also very easy to use and setup. Once you have the Tile key finder tabs you just place them on your keys, phone, or even your car if you have trouble finding your car in a large parking garage sometimes. Then just download the "Tile locator app" which is free and it will use bluetooth to help you locate the item that your looking for. The Tile app uses bluetooth and the tiles locator tabs to help you find the device by showing you exactly how far your device or keys are from you.

If you want more than one because you want to use a tab on another persons phone as well you can definitely do that too. This means that you can put a Tile locator tab on your keys, phone, car, wallet or anything else that you might actually lose on any given day. In fact I have one on my laptop now because last year someone stole my laptop last year and I never got it back because there was no where to find it.

Creative Ways To Use This New Item Locator Device

There are literally tons of things you can think of that you might lose at some point in time, it could be your wallet, it could be important documents that you won't need to use for at least a few months, it could be an expensive book that you paid for a year ago and now your looking to sell it back, or an iPad that could be stolen at some point in time. Whatever the item is, Tile item finder will help you find it. Its really not expensive at all, just about the same price as a DVD that you buy in the store and that $20 can save you a lot of money if you end up losing an expensive item.


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