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The Nord Electro 3 Keyboard; My ‘Powerful’ Portable Keyboard

Updated on March 21, 2009

Electro 3 - Virtual Electromechanical Portable Keyboard.

The new Nord Electro 3 Virtual Electromechanical Portable Keyboard is the latest in the Electro legacy. Performance, Portability and Price were the main focus for Nord when developing Electro 3. I must confess that I am a proud owner of this exquisite piano keyboard. As much as Nord had enjoyed developing this keyboard, I enjoy every moment of my time spend playing the keyboard. The Nord Electro 3 features 61-key (5 octaves) and 73-key (6 octaves) velocity sensitive semi-weighted “waterfall” (square front) keyboard.

All the new features incorporate in the Electro 3 are very detail; new piano section, new organ section, new effects and a new features which allow Electro 3 to use any samples from the Nord Sample Library for free! Yes, Free. To sum it all in one sentence, it is worth owing this exquisite Electro 3 Keyboard. I must admit that it is not easy to replicate vintage sounds into a digital musical instrument especially the growling sound but with Electro 3 you can hardly notice the differences. In fact, it can take years and years for Nord to perfect them. The Electro 3 new features signify its faithful reproduction of vintage electromechanical keyboards from a piece of digital technology to a truly musical instrument.

Besides the new pianos sound and organs sound, the brand new effects section has a selection of effects and reverb to choose from. The variety of effects will mould your lifelike sounds (pianos and organs sound) from sentimental to rock. The sound system can also be enhanced by choosing from a selection of three amplifier /speaker simulations, compressor and rotary speaker. The Electro 3 also features a new function in the Rotary Stop Mode. Users can switch between fast and stopped rotation and back using either the controls on the panel or foot pedal. This is an improved features of the early one-speed original rotary speaker units. A user adjustable settings like speed for both treble and bass rotors, and acceleration speed.

The lightweight (61-key 15.3 lbs) yet roadworthy design, affordable and the simple to use features make the Nord Electro 3 a truly digital musical instrument.


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