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Guide To The Oatmeal VS Funnyjunk Online Feud

Updated on July 1, 2012

So depending on whether you are an avid web user or not you may or may not know about the ongoing feud between The Oatmeal and Funnyjunk. Both are frequented sites on the internet. The Oatmeal is known for it's comic humor and Funny Junk is a site where people are able to upload/post pictures, video etc.

The Oatmeal creates their own content, which is primarily comics and apparently for the past few years many of the comics owned and created by The Oatmeal have found their way unto Funnyjunk. Over time the owner of The Oatmeal seeing his cartoons on Funnyjunk got quite annoyed at first he contacted Funnyjunk and let them know and his comics were taken down. Later more of his comics began appearing on Funnyjunk so he began to make fun of Funnyjunk through his comics.

Not long after he received a letter in the mail from a lawyer apparently on behalf of Funnyjunk claiming defamation and seeking damages of $20,000. The Oatmeal owner took this in stride and promptly made fun of the letter sent from the lawyer. You can find the letter and some pretty funny comments by the owner of The Oatmeal in between here!

The gist of the letter accuses The Oatmeal owner of damaging their website revenue promoting what they say is incorrect statements about their website. The letter from the lawyer states that when The Oatmeal owner said that Funnyjunk is mirroring his site that he is incorrect but The Oatmeal owner listed many links to dozens of his other comics on Funnyjunk (which have now surprisingly been taken down).

The lawyer states that previous statements about his comics being on Funnyjunk are now untrue and he should edit his posts. The Oatmeal argues that as his site is a blog and the statements made in the blog post on that date were correct they should remain as is. As he said simply because things change doesn't mean one would go back and edit a newspaper from a previous date to make it reflect current events. As the internet is an archive.

The funniest part about this whole feud is that The Oatmeal has decided instead of paying off the $20,000 that they would would open up a donation campaign at Indiegogo. The Oatmeal owner says he will take a picture of the money he raises and send it with a comic picture he drew of the Funnyjunk owners mom seducing a Kodiak bear to them. He will them donate half of the money to the National Wildlife Federation and the other half to the American Cancer Society.

Overall pretty funny stuff!

Again if you wish to check out the lawyer's letter, The Oatmeals rebuttals or you wish to donate to them go here!

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