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Oontz Angle | Is this Bluetooth speaker a buy?

Updated on February 22, 2016
The Oontz Angle Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker
The Oontz Angle Ultra Portable Bluetooth Speaker | Source

If you are looking for one of the best budget Bluetooth speaker in the $30 to $40 range, you will find the Oontz Angle speaker to be one of the top contenders that you can get in the market today.

However before you buy the Oontz Angle speaker, I have set out in this Oontz Angle review many commonly asked questions to help you decide that even if the Oontz Angle is one of the best cheap Bluetooth speakers that you can find in town right now; you may want it or not want it.

The answer is very simple... if it does not meet your requirements, then no matter how good or value for money it is, it is no use to you.

However if you can compromise on your requirements or if it fully meets your requirements, then great! The answer is a no brainer as the Oontz Angle is the best Bluetooth speaker that you can get in this price bracket!

A little bit of background...

I thought a little bit of background for a more complete understanding would be interesting here. So if you happen to be a geek, please bear with me with the explanation which I will try to make as simple as possible.

What is Bluetooth?
What is Bluetooth? | Source


Cambridge SoundWorks, the manufacturer of the Oontz Angle termed it as the ultra-Portable Wireless Bluetooth speaker.

So what are portable Bluetooth speakers?

However before I answer that question, the first thing is to understand what a Bluetooth technology is.

Just out of interest, the word or name Bluetooth actually comes from the name of an ancient 10th century Danish king - Harald "Bluetooth" Gormsson who united Denmark with Norway.

Ericsson invented the Bluetooth technology way back in 1994 and it is a standard for the use of short-range wireless interconnection of mobile phones, computers, and other electronic devices using the UHF band.

What is important to take note here is that Bluetooth is useful only for short range.

So Bluetooth speakers are wireless speaker system that allows you to play your audio from a source that is also Bluetooth capable from a short range. That source can be your smartphone, tablet, computer etc

Again the key thing to note is that both must be Bluetooth capable.

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The Oontz Angle is small and compact but packs a punch
The Oontz Angle is small and compact but packs a punch | Source

What is Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker system?

The Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker system is a small triangular looking (by the side) Bluetooth wireless speaker with a 135mm by 68mm or 5 3/8 inches by 2 3/4 inches (width by height) that can deliver distinct mid-range and quality clear crisp high sounds.

It only weighs a mere 9.1 ounce or 258 grams. As it is a Bluetooth speaker, it can playback music wirelessly from most Bluetooth enabled devices such as your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android smartphones and tablets, most MacBook Pro or current PC laptops (that has Bluetooth capability).

You can have a choice of your favorite colors with The Oontz Angle wireless Bluetooth speakers
You can have a choice of your favorite colors with The Oontz Angle wireless Bluetooth speakers | Source

It runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which you charge via a micro USB connector cable from either your computer or via the wall socket.

Cambridge SoundWorks states that full charge can give you up to about 12 hours of play time if your volume level is around the 2/3 of full volume level.

However that is just an estimate as the play time can vary due to a number of reasons such as the volume you are playing at, device, connection and content. Most people average 8 to 10 hours of play time.

If you need a speaker phone then you will find the Oontz Angle handy especially if you have Android smartphones or iPhones as you can wirelessly connect your Smart phone to the Oontz Angle through the use of the Bluetooth feature.

In addition to A2DP and AVRCP, its HFP or Hands Free Profile feature allows you to use its in-build microphone to speak. The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is a Bluetooth profile that allows for the wireless transmission of stereo audio from an A2DP source, usually a phone or computer to an A2DP receiver which is commonly a set of Bluetooth headphones or stereo system.

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Color choice galore for the Oontz Angle wireless speaker
Color choice galore for the Oontz Angle wireless speaker | Source

15 top questions on the Oontz Angle wireless speaker

I have actually listed out the features and functions of the Oontz Angle above but to make it easier for you here are the top 15 questions that people have with regards to the Oontz Angle:

Is the battery chargable?
Yes. You can recharge the battery
What is the rating of the battery?
The Oontz Angle has a 1100 mAh Lithium ion battery and the blue charging indicator will turn to red when fully charged. You get around 8 to 10 hours play with a fully charged battery.
Will it play and charge at the same time?
Yes the Oontz Angle can do both at the same time
Can you connect the Oontz Angle to a computer?
Yes you can. You can connect it either via 3.5mm plug or wirelessly via Bluetooth. You can also use it on the iMac, MacPro etc
Can I use it with my TV?
If your TV is a smart TV with Bluetooth capability, just pair both Bluetooth devices - the TV and the Oontz Angle for it to work.
Can this be used to made a TV volumn louder?
Depends on your TV size. A large TV generally has a louder volume while smaller TVs may be less loud. You can use the Oontz Angle to enhance your TV volume if the sounds from your TV are not so l are less loud the the Oontz Angle.
Will the Oontz Angle work with a tablet with no USB port but just has the Audio port
Yes. You can use the Bluetooth option if it has one. Otherwise you can just connect it to the audio port with the audio cable
Can I skip or fast forward tracks from the unit itself?
No. It cannot do that from the unit itself. You have to do it on your device.
Can I plug in an MP3 player?
Yes. You use the aux port to plug in non-bluetooth devices.
How is the bass quality?
This is very subjective but based on feedback on many forums, many owners just love the bass. However it is not going to rattle your windows.
Is it weather proof?
No it is not rated as weather proof but I read somewhere an owner inadvertantly left his Oontz Angle outside overnight and it rained and it still worked when he used it. However I would not want to test this out if I can help it!@
Can you have two of these synced to the same device to create "surround sound"?
No. Sourround sound systems are managed by the circuitry of the surround sound system and putting two Oontz Angle together will not produce a true surround sound. On top of that, Bluetooth protocol only allows active playpack (pairing) to 1 device at a time.
Could you use this speaker in the car hooked up to an iPad to hear a movie?
Yes you can. Some people use it with their MP3 player to provide an alternative source of audio or to improve the sound of any device that has Bluetooth or a headphone jack. This is also due to the fact that the Oontz Angle sounds much, much better than the tiny speakers on many devices.
What is the distance for wireless use?
It all depends. Remember, Bluetooth provides short distance connections. The spec mentions 30 ft but between 20-30 ft is the norm
Can you connect two devices (phone & tablet) to one of these speakers?
Yes but only one device can be connected to the Oontz Angle speaker. This is due to the constraints of the Bluetooth technology.
15 top questions people asked before making a decision with regards to the Oontz Angle Bluetooth wireless speaker
To buy or not to buy the Oontz Angle speaker
To buy or not to buy the Oontz Angle speaker | Source

Should you or should you not buy the Oontz Angle Bluetooth Speaker?

I hope the questions that you have with regards to the Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker has been answered through the checklist above.

The Oontz Angle Bluetooth speaker is light, easy to use, small in size but yet produces great sounds and can be used with many devices such as your PC/Apple laptop, iPhone/Android, MP3 etc

You can use it with or without chords in places such as your car dashboard, shower area, BBQ and backyard party, etc. You can even connect it to you TV via Bluetooth if your TV also has Bluetooth and let it act as your TV speaker.

At the price of less than $40, if it fits your requirements and your budget, then go for it! This would probably be the best budget Bluetooth speaker that you can find in the market today.

OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speaker [ORIGIINAL] Ultra Portable Wireless with Built in Mic up to 10 Hour Playtime works with iPhone iPad tablet Samsung and smart phones - Black Grille
OontZ Angle Bluetooth Speaker [ORIGIINAL] Ultra Portable Wireless with Built in Mic up to 10 Hour Playtime works with iPhone iPad tablet Samsung and smart phones - Black Grille

Click on the button below to buy the Oontz Angle from Amazon. Note that that you have a few colors to choose from at the Amazon site.


On the other hand, if the Oontz Angle does not fit your requirements or you want a higher end wireless Bluetooth speaker, then it is highly recommended that you click on the following link to check out the Creative Soundblaster Roar.

Did you manage to find the information that you are looking for on the Oontz Angle here?

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