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The Pros and Cons of Digital Technology

Updated on November 28, 2016

Digital technology can be considered as cornerstone or the key component to our transition into the modern age. What is digital technology? In short terms digital technology is any technology where the information is recorded in binary codes of 0s and 1s. This means it includes the internet, apps, gadgets, digital cameras, and such. Whether we like it or not, we have officially entered The Digital Age, or the Information Age. The mere words “digital age” indicates very clearly our close involvement with digital technology, and the question that has become more and more inevitable and pressing due to our close involvement is, “Has digital technology gone too far?”

There are many positive aspects towards digital technology, and the most prominent among which is the convenience it brings. Communication has now been simplified thanks to the widespread use of phones, email, and messenger apps. Taking less than a second, digital technology has made international transmissions faster than ever. This increased speed in transmissions also helped with the spreading of news. News has become more diverse and faster to reach the public thanks to the promotion of the internet and social media.

Digital technology also helps stabilize society. Digital tracking has helped put many criminals behind the bars thanks to digital cameras, bank account activities, the accessing of one’s account, and etc. Digital footprints may also be held as key evidences when facing a trial; an unusual money wire, email confessions, or simply internet history may change the entire case around.

Perhaps the paramount advantage to students is the access to information. The limitations that used to restrict us to books and libraries is now broken thanks to the digitalization of information. All this information rests at our fingerprints, with frequent updates and accurate information. The abundance of information is also something worth celebrating, with all the knowledge in the world made readily available for us, having accurate information on almost every subject and areas of interest.

Although advantageous, the advancement of digital technology also has many drawbacks, amongst which is the lack of security. With the number of hackers rocketing, our personal information is no longer safe. Viruses implanted on computers by hackers often have the capability to gain access to our bank accounts, pictures, or passwords. Privacy has also become an issue. Due to the rampant spread of social media, nothing is private anymore. Even if you are not active among social media, others might upload your information or pictures online.

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The comfort brought by digital technology has also developed a strong sense of dependency. Over-reliance upon technology can be seen in almost every aspect in life, and may eventually leads to addiction. The numbers of addicts to digital technology increases by the day, and making this worse is the lack of attention given to this serious issue.

Indifference to the world and self-absorption may also be caused by digital technology. With an overflowing amount of information, it is quite easy for people to have a lack of interest and curiosity towards information in general. Once something can be easily gained, it is only normal that we would lose our interest towards it.

The most significant pitfall of digital technology is the constant exposure of youths towards bad and worldly values. The internet is no longer a safe place for teens, having a wide range of tabloids, gossip, and ungodly influences, and neither is social media. Social media nowadays is the main source of peer pressure. Many teens feel like they have an obligation to follow the trends or things that are constantly promoted by the celebrities, which eventually leads them to a path of moral declination.

Digital technology does have many benefits and has our modern society built around it, but we cannot ignore the negative sides. Has digital technology gone too far? No, it is us. The problem is not with the tool, but with the wielder. It is hard to go against the widespread trend of digital technology, but we must face the challenge head-on.


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    • Paxash profile image

      Darcie Nadel 15 months ago from Louisiana

      I'm glad to see an article that addresses the negative aspects of technology without blaming the technology itself. I always maintain that technology is neither good nor bad, and that people make it one way or the other.