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The Reality of Mormonism: Revisionists on Facebook

Updated on January 26, 2012

The Reality of Mormonism: Revisionists on Facebook

There is a reality to Mormonism which escapes the general public which is that it is a secretive organization not open to anyone outside of the church. It is governed by its own rules and traditions which are not readily accepted amongst the general public. And as a church it believes that their elders are divine and working by the hand of God.

I have to say as a Catholic I like Mormons. Anyone who doesn’t want me to attend their church I am good with. Actually I am trilled with not having to be constantly recruited by other churches. And I know many many decent Mormons but that could be said about any religion on the face of this planet. It is government and people who choose to do bad and not religion for religion is a form of government.

And I have to say I have been very supportive of Mitt Romney running for president especially since I am a single parent of a medical fragile child with Autism who recently lost her Mother to cancer. I might have mentioned I took care of not only my Mother but my son with very little help if any from my family which includes one very fibbing Mormon.

We no longer speak after my Mother’s death. I am not sorry a bit but Facebook allows me the opportunity to check in on them and see what they are doing and they are revisionists of their history. An adult child who does not provide for their parent in end stage of life is not worth a facebook page. The entire basis of our country is service to our families and it you fail your family you are a failure in this country and not to be trusted.

And yet, I see my brothers, one is an atheist who calls the Mormon brother delusional and the other is a Mormon who has an arranged marriage, rewriting their history all over facebook. It amazes me and perplexes me. If they do not like their lives simply change. They obviously don’t care about anyone they post to and make very fraudulent arguments since they are living about their lives. And while I am not an open book, I certainly have not made up details about my life that have simple not been true.

I guess because I was the one loyal person in my family who stayed with my Mother until her final hours.

But if Mormons are allowed to lie all mover the internet then how can we trust a Mormon for president? And again I like Mitt Romney but part of his campaign so is he a revisionist as well?

When did Americans stop living moral good lives and just think projecting lies onto Facebook was good enough.

I find so many experts on everything on facebook and so few credentials.

And doesn’t this mean that the Internet may not be the most reliable resource for picking a president?

When is the projection of self worth more important than actually having self worth?

Really nothing against the Mormons in general just the one who lies through his teeth on facebook to make himself seem more important and credentialed then he actually is. Which brings light into the practices of the Mormon church and just how valid Mitt Romney’s run for the White House is.

And what good is a Mormon if they have no family values to serve this country?

I would have expected my atheist brother to lie as he doesn't believe in anything but my brother who is Mormon to lie about his role in the family is like reliving my Mother's death again. No matter how much they spin it on FB or how badly they lie to themselves, my MOther knew they betrayed her and so do I.


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    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Well you certainly seem certain of yourself OldWitchCraft. I have meet really good people who happen to be Mormon and then really bad ones who also happen to be Mormon. I doubt we should judge any religion in this country as America is a non-secular country.

      I have a gay friend who belongs to the Mormon church and he has a lot of power there so your theroy is blown there.

      I believe everyone tells little white lies and that the internet affords all of the opporunity to spin public relations which is not exclusive to any party or and denomination.

      And I actually really like Mormons who do not wish to convert me at all but respect that I am Catholic as I respect their religiosu freedoms. Yes they are a close religion with family centered ideas but how is that bad?

      I have heard the Catholic church is a cult as well. I think it is time for religion to steer clear of politics. What am I the only American that likes Islam and Mormons. I'll take a few Maoists and Buddists as well, Thank you. We are all hear to be free from religious oppression.

      I would also like to add how much work the Mormon church has done in central europe and for the poor. They send their children on a two year mission to other communities and sometimes countries. How is that bad? They are really decent people I am sorry you haven't had the opporutnity to meet the Mormons but come November you might get your opportunity.


    • OldWitchcraft profile image

      OldWitchcraft 5 years ago from The Atmosphere

      If you're Catholic, the Mormons would still like to convert you. They don't hold out much hope for Catholics converting though because very few of them do... it's a well-known fact among Mormons.

      Why do Mormons lie? They are taught how to do it by the Church, itself. They have an answer for everything because they receive, not only instruction at Sunday services for about 3 hours after the regular sacrament meeting (like mass), but they have all kinds of other meetings throughout the month. They have, at least, two monthly visits from priesthood holders and from the Relief Society (if you're a woman, that is - women get "visited" twice!)

      The constant indoctrination makes them really good liars and that's why they're so smug - because they really do have all the answers for any question you ask them. Of course, most of it is lies.

      Mormonism is all about families - and destroying the family is their leverage, if you get involved with them in anyway, which it sounds like you have simply because your brother is a member. He's a man and men get lots of power in the church and rule over their wives and children and think everyone else "gentiles," women, dark complected people, gay people, etc. are inferior to them. He probably won't be giving up that position any time soon...

    • JT Walters profile image

      JT Walters 5 years ago from Florida

      Hi Cred2,

      I don't believe religion has a place in American Politics since there has always been the seperation of church and state. And I always find the people who use religion as a shield for their bad deeds to speak about their faith the most. Personally, I believe if you are religious you should save it for your congregation but I know I am the rare breed and no one in the race represents me. There is no old guard Republicans running for president.

      Too bad!! See not partisan. For each one against the Dems I write one against the Neo-con Republicans. Ron Paul is not worthy of a hub from me.

      The Old Guard need to come back into power on both sides.

      Not Partisan see?


    • Credence2 profile image

      Credence2 5 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      Hi, JT, a religion is only as good as the person who professes it and lives up to its tenets. I see many more hypocrites than I see devout, authentic believers. That seems to be universal, across all spectrums of faiths and lack of same. Interesting points, Cred2