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Something about Social Networking Sites

Updated on March 18, 2014

When Did Online Social Networking Began(History of Social Networking)

Online social network sites are websites that connects people by using the internet and connect to a website that offers chat or messaging. There are various websites nowadays that offer that and now it also includes it smartphones app.

In the history of social networks video it was said that the social network began in the late 1970's. That is by BBS or Bulletin Board System by private networks where people are dialing into local number and exchange files data and download and upload. There are commercial version that came out of those BBS. These are Prodigy and Compuserve and became the original online. services. There came American On Line (AOL) which was formerly Q-link in the early 1990's.

In the dawn of the web there came a first social networking site that was made which was Geocities. Have you ever heard of Geocities before. It is just a website where users can register and make or create their own page in the web. It is great to have online presence.

It has been a few decades ago that the internet had been introduced throughout the globe and with its accessibility there were lot of services provided to the users. Searching, downloading, video streaming were the example of these services and then the chatting rose to fame in the early 1990's. Chatting is one of the online social networking available and been use mostly until now, mIRC was really the famous software of this. Then came the another online social network form which was first introduced in the year 1997 in the website named though it closed its service after 3 years of its operations.


Making Friends Online

With the online social networking services like from chatting software to social network sites, making friend has been easily for the people in different geographical locations. With the on going years of development there were new innovations and development in these online social networking sites like people can chat now in a website without the use of chat software like mIRC. Connecting to friends, love ones, business correlations and others these had been made possible and easily for these online social network services. Have you ever use MIRC before. If you are teenager or an adult in the 1990's then you probably have use MIRC. Maybe there are some people who use MIRC today.

Making friends online like online dating sites can be a great new experience. Have you ever tried it. We tried to connect to some of our friends or some of our classmates then social network is the platform to that. There are many social network nowadays and one famous social network site is Facebook and it had even have a movie of it which had a movie title "The Social Network".

Popular Social Network


Famous Social Network Sites

From which was just short lived there were other sites launched which has similarity in the said website and in the year of 2002 attracted many users mostly in the country of Asia. Now Friendster social networking had deleted all the photos and there are only games left. It is more like to online gaming now. In the following years was launched and in which it has the most number of registered users as of this recent date. Then then the other famous site was which is a renowned social networking site nowadays. Habbo and Windows Live Spaces were also popular websites in has registered users of about an estimatedly 100 million and 120 million respectively. Now there is no doubt that Facebook is the number one social network site in the world and it generates many money in revenue which makes the owner a billionaire.


Top 10 Most Popular Social Network Sites 2014

1. Facebook - 900 million estimated unique monthly visitors

2. Twitter - 310 million estimated unique monthly visitors

3. LinkedIn - 250 million estimated unique monthly visitors

4. Pinterest - 150 million estimated unique monthly visitors

5. Google Plus+ - 120 million estimated unique monthly visitors

6. Tumblr - 110 million estimated unique monthly visitors

7. Instagram - 85 million estimated unique monthly visitors

8. VK - 80 million estimated unique monthly visitors

9. Flickr - 65 million estimated unique monthly visitors

10. MySpace - 40 million estimated unique monthly visitors

The Social Network Movie

The Social Network Movie

There is a movie about social network and it is titled as "The Social Network". It was released in 2010 so it was kind of 4 years ago. The movie was made after six years after the famous social network "Facebook". Facebook just become so popular and so it is popular it has many registered users all around the globe. Because it has many registered users it created many page views whether by day, by month or any time. The owner had become a billionaire. Imagine what one website can do. If a website had many visitors like millions of visitors and it is been monetized by ads or any way that a website can make money then it will surely earn money. The social network site is an important site as it connects many people all around the world. Though some social network has restrictions. The movie is great too watch as it is a true to life story movie. Probably you had watch it already but if you haven't then I suggest you watch it.

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