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The Roles of Plastic Companies in the Society

Updated on July 12, 2016
The picture illustrates the roles of plastic companies. It covers many areas including electronics, computer, education, and household.
The picture illustrates the roles of plastic companies. It covers many areas including electronics, computer, education, and household. | Source

Topic Introduction

In many countries of the world, plastic companies spice up the activities that go in the countries in one way or the other. Plastic industries in our society today perform a lot of roles. It is because of the roles that these industries play that make presidents and governors of many states include setting up plastic companies as one of their principal budgets for the year.

Is in the field of education, medicine, agriculture, banking, security and many other sectors, plastic companies perform their roles to ensure that things are moving on smoothly. In fact, without plastic companies, most development we see in the world of today will not have advanced to the level we see them today.

In the subsequent subheadings, we will be discussing on the core roles or applications of plastic companies in the society we are living in. Though there will be no way we will touch totally all areas, but the best will be done to ensure that the argument presented here is unique and authentic to the comprehension of the reader of this piece.

What are the Roles of Plastic Companies in our Society

Plastic companies perform a number of roles in our society. In this piece of subheading, the areas to be discussed are their roles in:

  • Education;
  • Employment generation;
  • Agriculture;
  • Homes; and
  • Computer and Electronics Engineering.

The picture shows the roles of plastic companies in the field of education. It is writing pen made of plastic.
The picture shows the roles of plastic companies in the field of education. It is writing pen made of plastic.

The roles of Plastic Companies in Education

Plastic companies have really spiced up the level and standard of education in the world. The companies have really made education to be more interesting. With their designs and added values, education is made more interesting in the present time. The applications in the system is seen everywhere.

Education is progressing and today because of the hand of plastic companies in it more advancement is experienced. Let us start with what the students and the teachers put on to school. How will you feel when all the students in primary schools enter the school environment without wearing anything on their feet? Will such groups of students/pupils be called responsible or irresponsible ones?

In some primary schools in Africa, specifically Nigeria, the students that study in that area are not allowed to put on any other type of sandals except the rubber one. In this situation, the plastic industries that produce such sandals are expected to produce as many as possible to be enough for the students.

Also, the boards used to teach students in some schools are made of plastic material. Without the production of this kind of equipment used by the students to aid learning, there will be difficulty. The water bottles, bags and other equipments used by the students are made of plastics. What of the writing pen used by students? 90 percent of them are made of plastic.

The roles of Plastic Companies in Employment Generation

Plastic industries worldwide have generated many employments for the unemployed. Starting from the security department to those at the top most level, employment has been secured for them. For instance, in a big plastic company, those who work as security men alone and being paid for their services which can amount to up to fifty to hundred men. This is just the security men not to talk more of the main workers in the company. Truly, many would have been unemployed if not for the employment being provided by plastic industries all over the world. In United States of America alone, the statistics of workers being employed in the plastic industries is high.

Total employment for the synthetic materials industry (SIC 282) amounted to 143, 000 in 1958, rose at an average annual rate of 4.2 percent to183, 100 in 1964 in the United States of America (Bureau of Labor Statistics). Today in the United States, the statistics has gone higher than what was obtained in the past years.

The roles of Plastic Companies in Agriculture

Does plastic industries have any relationship with agricultural development or advancement? Where does the relationship come into play? Some readers at the initial stage may see this point confused but clarification will be made before the end of this subheading to prove the point valid and useful.

What material makes up the bags used in packing fowl feed? Have you ever seen any of them made of plastics or polymer? Almost all the livestock feed are housed in polymer bags. What about the containers these fowls use for drinking water when they are being feed? They are all made of plastics and there is reason or reasons why such materials are recommended.

In the cultivation or planting, plastic industries also play their own role. Some machines used in the farming processes are made of thermo-set plastic parts. These are parts of the machines which cannot be easily melted under heat. Some farmers during harvesting of their farm produce make use of containers made of plastics to carry that out.

There was a time when the baskets used in getting breadfruit seeds after decay of the unwanted parts is made of palm tree produce. After years of the use of this type of basket, it is discovered that the product last for limited time before it gets destroyed. To solve the problem by producing baskets that will last longer, the solution becomes answerable by plastic company. Today, plastic baskets are being used in the processing of the breadfruits which lasts for years before they loss their efficiency.

The roles of Plastic Companies in Homes

The roles of plastic industries in homes when written in detail will be more than a thousand pages of textbook. This reason is because we see the roles of this kind of company in every nook and cranny of our homes.

Starting from the electrically connected instruments or materials used in the homes, plastic companies play their own roles there. When wires are used in connections, the wires are being coated or housed by plastic sheaths. The work of the sheaths is to protect the home users from being shocked by the electricity.

Most of the utensils used in the homes are made of plastic materials. These utensils include plastic plates, jugs, funnels, jerrycans, bowls, cups and some others. These materials which are made possible by the plastic industries make home management to be easy for people.

In sitting rooms and other private rooms in homes, the roles played by the plastic industries cannot be overemphasized at all. Looking at some of the carpets used in the homes, most of them are products of the plastic industries. These carpets moderate and keep the temperature of rooms in order. The tables, sits, and other products used in the rooms are plastics.

Plastic companies play important roles when it comes to the field of computer. The covering of the computer set is made of plastic.
Plastic companies play important roles when it comes to the field of computer. The covering of the computer set is made of plastic.

Computer and Electronics Engineering

In the field of computer and electronics engineering, plastic department has its roles to play to make their products and output unique. Without the contribution of this department, the computer and electronics sectors may not be able to produce products of high reliability.

Computers, which include desktops and Laptops, are popular in all parts of the world. The machines have to seek help from plastic companies before their products can stand the test of time. Looking at the keyboards used in laptops and the external ones, they are all made of plastics. These are made to withstand stress or punch from human fingers. Also, the external coverings of computers are made of plastic companies. Starting from the design states of all these coverings, they are being executed by plastic companies.

Some electronic products like pressing irons, televisions, radios, standing and table fans, and others cannot be displayed to the market without plastic companies having hands in them. Take television as an example, the external cover is made of plastics. They are used to cover these products because the plastics are good insulators of electricity. In the internal circuits of electronic products, some of its parts are made of thermo-sets, a special type of plastic, for special functions. In a nutshell, plastic companies play their roles in encouraging the production of electronics and computer products.


Plastic companies have been playing big roles in the entire world. Their roles also cut across promoting the economy and employment generations. Under this topic, explained are the roles of plastic companies or industries in the society. Hence, their roles as discussed under individual subheadings are in education, employment generation, agriculture, homes, and Computer and Electronics Engineering.


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    • Uzochukwu Mike profile imageAUTHOR

      Uzochukw Mike 

      3 years ago from Oba

      Thank you Rachel for going through my article. I so much like your comment.

    • Rachel L Alba profile image

      Rachel L Alba 

      3 years ago from Every Day Cooking and Baking

      You're right. There is hardly anything that isn't made of plastic or at least part of it plastic. I voted up and interesting.

      Blessings to you.


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