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The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3: What You Need To Know

Updated on August 26, 2014

The Galaxy Tab 3 Family

There are many choices when looking at buying a Galaxy Tab 3. They come in a choice of sizes and memory capacities so you should be able to find the one that suits your needs.

The Tablets

Tab 3 7.0

This is the smallest tablet in the series. It is compact and easy to carry around with you but the screen is small, not much bigger than the Note 3's.

Tab 3 8.0

Slightly bigger than the 7" yet still compact enough to carry around this is a great choice for everyday usage.

Tab 3 10.1

A larger tablet that is great if you need a large screen to work form. It is great for watching movies on as well as writing letters and playing games. It is clumsy when trying to play games that use the giro feature like Asphalt 8

Storage Capacities

There are different storage capacities to choose from. These are:

  • 8GB (7" Only)
  • 16GB (All)
  • 32GB (All)

They all have Card slots for expanded memory however App to SD does not work on them so the extra memory is only for photos, videos and documents.

Internet Conectivity

They come in WiFi only and WiFi and 3G* as well as other country pacific versions

Color Choice

They come in a choice of Black or White

*The 10.1comes in WiFi and 4G

Galaxy Tab 3 Review

4 stars for Galaxy Tab 3

Which Tab 3 Should You Buy

I personally would recommend the 8" with least 16GB internal storage. If you can afford to buy the WiFi/3G version as this will give you more scope to access the Internet. However the WiFi only version is still a great option especially with free WiFi spots popping up all over now.

The 8" tablet is not to small that you cannot read the screen when you have a full page showing. It is also not so big that it is hard to carry around, It is slimline,compact and lightweight making it a great choice of commuters and families alike.


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