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The Top 3 must have Apps for ANY Iphone user.

Updated on March 21, 2012


This Hub is going to deal with the 3 most important Apps that any Iphone user should have. This will include the Apps that I believe are crucial, that everyone would use, and that they would need on a daily basis, and that would allow them to get the most out of their device. Also keep in mind that my three Apps are extremely cost friendly, not expensive, and at the time I purchased them did not cost more than $1.99. Either way the Apps that I choose are worth having, and with them, and the basic preset apps, you could easily get by without adding any other apps to your Iphone.

AppZilla 2

AppZilla 2 is in my book your most important App. This is because for $1.99 you are essentially getting 120+ Apps. Now you can easily say that you will not use most of these Apps on a daily basis, but to be honest, there is a large amount of these apps that you can use daily. Also with the recent updates, you can add your favorite apps to the front page, so you do not have to scroll page by page finding that App you use daily. Apps you will find here for free after download are commonly charged up to $4.99 on the Apple store for that App alone, so you are clearly saving a HUGE amount of money. Some examples of this are as follows.

- Barcode Scanner
- Police Scanner
- LED Flashlight/ Strobe
- Battery Life
- Language Translator
- Thesaurus
- Instruments
- Timers
- Emoji Icons
- 50,000 Famous Quotes

Overall this app utilizes so many Apps that you use daily, to make your life simpler. This App can help you make each day a little easier once learning the tricks of the App. Overall I say this App is a #1 must have for any Iphone user.

Words With Friends

Words With Friends is a game App which I think is a must have for anyone. We already went over the Utility App which will make your life easier, so I needed to add an entertainment/game App. Words With Friends is essentially Scrabble which you can play with your friends, or with random people. You can have up to 20 different games going on at once, and this App fully utilizes the same point system that the classic game Scrabble uses.

Now when trying to choose the game that would make this list, I juggled a few of the biggest games like Angry Birds, and many others that were at the top, that I have and play, but the reason that this gets the award is for the education factor. This game is not only fun, but this will expand anyone's vocabulary. Especially when a pesky person throws up a word you have never heard of, and you are forced to go look that word up.

Another important factor is where you can have 20 games going at once. Since each person can respond at their leisure, playing one game would be pretty boring, but if you have a large amount of games going at once, you can always have the moment to sit their and try to out think your opponent.

This game is my favorite game App, and truly deserves the #1 position for entertainment/games. Although the AppZilla App does have some games, and things to help pass the time, I find that you need a real game to help you have fun with your Iphone, so I give the award to Words With Friends.

Mobile Banking App

Now that we have covered the simple game App, and the utility App, there is not much left. So I find that A mobile banking App is necessary. Personally i use the Bank Of America App, and this is because that is who I bank with, although all the major banks today do have their own app on the App Store, and you should be able to find yours with ease.

Typically most people who use Iphones are over the age of 18, and therefore at least have bank accounts. Sometimes when going to the store, or you are going somewhere you need to check your balance in your account, pay a bill, transfer money, or look at statements. Having a mobile banking App allows you to do this with ease from anywhere you go. I think this is truly crucial for anyone as this is significantly easier then logging onto your computer in order to check your balance, or to do your other banking needs.


So there you have it. My top three most important and crucial Apps that every person should have. There is no specific order as I think that you should have all three Apps in order to live you daily lives a little easier. While there obviously will be people who have much different views on their top 3, this is my top 3, and why they are truly important.


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    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Congrats on finally getting a smartphone, and glad the hub helps. :) Thanks for reading.

    • Keeley Shea profile image

      Keeley Shea 5 years ago from Norwich, CT

      I am finally getting a smartphone! This is a great article just when I needed it!! Thanks!

    • Johnrr631992 profile image

      John Reid-Roberts 5 years ago from Boston, Massachusetts

      Thank you, Yes AppZilla is truly a great app, as it has virtually every item you need, and for the most part all of the apps in the utilities section of the Iphone App Store is on the AppZilla in some way. Words is great as well, And banking may not be for everyone, but I know for me that it is a great way to do my daily and monthly banking. Thank you again for reading. :)

    • teaches12345 profile image

      Dianna Mendez 5 years ago

      I wish I would have known about Appzilla prior to my getting the collection that I now have. This is a great app that covers just about anything you need on your mobile phone. I am going to have to try the Word app. It looks like fun. Not sure if I am ready for the banking app yet. Voted up, up!