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The Most Annoying types of Facebook Posts

Updated on November 25, 2015
Sometimes you wish there was a 'thumbs down' button.
Sometimes you wish there was a 'thumbs down' button.

For some, Facebook is a daily necessity. For others, it's a painful experience full off annoying cats pictures and stupid posts. So what are the most annoying posts?

The Desperate for Attention post

We've all come across a post like this at least once in our Facebook experience. Someone feels hard done by and wants some attention. And what's the best way to get attention? Keep people guessing.

Such statuses might include things like "I'm SO angry!" or "Why can't some people just leave me alone" or "can my day get any worse!".

People are naturally nosy - it's what makes Facebook so successful - so this type of post will usually be followed with comments from people (not usually very subtly) saying things like "You OK babe? x" and "oh no that's terrible hon x" in a desperate attempt to find out some gossip.

And the really nosy people will invite themselves round for a coffee, usually like "You want a coffee and a chat hon? x".

People - if someone has made you angry enough to post about it on Social Media, at least have the balls to name and shame. Otherwise keep it to yourself!

The "I'm angry and want attention" post is possible one of the most annoying
The "I'm angry and want attention" post is possible one of the most annoying

The constant Selfie poster

OK, we get it. You think a lot of yourself and whilst it doesn't bother me that you are a narcissist I do wish you wouldn't keep posting photos of you and your round fake-tanned face on my Facebook feed. It's scary!

Facebook really should limit the number of times that a person can post a photo of themselves in one month, but they won't so I just delete those people who are so vain.

But if you really must take selfies, please, don't trout-pout. It really isn't a good look for men or women.

Mona lisa - she'd trout it up if she could
Mona lisa - she'd trout it up if she could | Source


These have been around since the birth of the Internet and I hate them. Stupid, nonfactual trite designed to make people scared just to get a page a few more likes.

Thankfully there's a website that helps to weed out this little critters and make sense of them - such as

Hoax Slayer has a list of top 10 hoaxes, including the 'Completely Pointless and Misleading 'Facebook Privacy Notice'.

The Business Owner repetitive plug

Most people appreciate that Social Media is a great way to spread the word about your new product, invention, band or business. But please - not every frigging day. Constantly posting details of your business is a surefire way of annoying people and eventually ending up with less followers.

If you must post about your business do it, but don't it rarely and make sure the contend is interesting.

The "share this post or you will die" post

Seriously, who comes up with this rubbish? Even more, who is stupid enough to bother to shares it?

Let me make it clear right here and now - if you fail to share a post nothing is going to happen to you. Nothing. No one in your family is going to die, or get cancer, or have a car crash.

Even Facebook isn't that powerful.

The nosy 'Are you OK hun?' post

These are shameless. Someone you know posts the aforementioned 'Angry and wanting attention post' and then someone else - who so desperately wants to know what has happened - will write something like "are you ok hun? x" just hoping that the original poster will tell them some juicy gossip.

This is quite often followed up by a "I'll PM you x" response which then make people even more interested to know what's happened.

Afterall, most of us only use Social Media because we're really nosy, right?

The Preacher/Racist

As if it's not bad enough to have Jehovah Witnesses knock at your front door, now the religious among your friend have a great way to preach to you through the power of the Facebook post. Not only are these post annoying, but they can be downright patronising.

So too are the racists, those 'friends' who love to jump on a bandwagon saying things like "close the borders - we're full" or "go back to where you came from". You'll never know true racism until you've seen it on Social Media.

What YOU can do to fight back:

  • Don't share a post unless you are 100% certain it's factual
  • Block and/or delete constant offenders. If they don't have Facebook Friend's they'll eventually get bored
  • Ask the user to stop
  • Don't keep posting photos of yourself in different poses - it's not classy

Thank you for reading this Hub. I hope you found it helpful and learned something new today. I would love it if you would share it on your favourite social media account such as Facebook or Twitter. Ritchie Hicks is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Buy supporting this Hub and following the links to Amazon and Ebay you encourage me to bring new, refreshing content to Hubpages and help people out with new ideas, hints and tips; without it costing you a penny.


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