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The Vogue By CellAllure a top tier smartphone at a third the price

Updated on June 17, 2014

The vogue

The Vogue offers what most phones don't

The Vogue by CellAllure is offering something that most smartphones right now just don't offer. This is the fact that a smartphone of this magnitude is less then $200.00. Yes, this phone is inexpensive but what is more shocking is the idea that the phone can compete with top tier phones out in the market. CellAllure has gone through an organizing and building stage in the USA. It has become a dominant force in South America, especially Mexico. It has literally become a top contender in many different parts of that region. Now that the company is growing, its ready to grab the North American market. Now the problem here is more then clear. This company though it may be offering a great price has no brand name recognition. The largest problem that CellAllure is going to face is who is CellAllure. The company itself is confident that this phone will speak for itself. It and the Lite S are its first attempts to integrate in the American market. While breaking through it will continuously rise in power. This market is not one easily broken into. The market has been flooded with competitors who are returning to make there reclaim to fame. For example Motorola is attempting to work its way back into the limelight. Other competitors who are fairly new like Google and Windows, have brand recognition because....well there Google and Windows. Those names are already top dog whether they've made phone before or not. Motorola, though no longer a top leader, has not been forgotten. They were top dog when the Razor was at its peak. It wasn't until Apple and Samsung arrived on the playing field that they were nearly able to monopolize the playing field. Here we can see that competition will be fierce for CellAllure and there Vogue. Yet, the most important factor remains. The Vogue offers unbelievable technology for an extremely low price. These phones aren't without warranty. The company isn't selling you something and then changing it's name so as not to be around when you come back asking for help. This is a company that is looking gain your permanent business. This is Apple when they first put out the I-phone, this is Samsung when they first put out the Galaxy. This is Nokia back when we all had little Nokia cell phones. This company needs to build it's brand, It has done a fine job in Mexico and South America but now it needs to reach the people in the United States.

The Vogue Unboxing from J. Williams

The Vogue side

The positives of The Vogue

The Vogue is an unlocked phone. People are not getting these great prices form CellAllure because of any promotion or deal made with service providers. These phones are fully unlocked and can be prepaid pay as you go or a contract of your choice. There is no forcing of a contract for a special price. The prices are this low because that is what the company is offering. Picture as a contractual deal the company is basically saying we are giving you a state of the art piece of equipment because we don't feel that our brand name is strong yet. We want to gain your trust. CellAllure is trying to gain repeat business and build a name for itself and break through the wall of obstacles. As a company that is just starting off the idea that they are going to grab a huge segment of the market seems a little bit far fetched. However, thinking its ridiculous for them to grab a large portion of certain demographics is a different story. Right now the demographic of middle to low class is tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money. To have the best cost a lot of money and when it comes to things like phones people will spend all they have. Here's the difference though. Consumers will not be settle for the Vogue. In fact the Vogue comes equipped with a quad-core processor at 1.5 GHz which can be upgraded to an Octa-core processor. The speed of these chips is enough to make them competitors with the top companies out there. Apple and Samsung want have much on the The Vogue. Another thing is the Vogue comes with a sleek look and a screen 5 inches. This means the camera is HD LCD and is easily your next portable tv without squinting. Another factor this phone plays is it is 4G and has nothing in the way of weakness short of brand recognition compared to its competitors. Spec wise the phone can keep up with the best of them. The power this phone possesses is not any different then what is being sold to you for big money. Companies are pushing phones that cost almost $1000.00 dollars. Can you imagine getting something that cost $1000.00 for under $200.00. In almost any case you would choose to buy it for less. Again what causes the price differential is this brand awareness. I can understand a company charging more for it's name but the kind of money an unlocked I-phone cost is ridiculous.

The Vogue Back

The Point of The Vogue

The point that all of this is leading to is why buy a more expensive phone. If you have a lot of money I can understand the desire to want to stick with something you know. For the rest of the people who are hurting in this economy why stick around and pay $850 dollars for a IPhone S5 or Samsung 5S. Really what is the point. If you want to pay less then that you have to commit to a contract. That really doesn't seem fair. It almost feels like you are being forced to be in a contract to ensure you don't have to get a phone from two generations ago for a reasonable price. Why not be up to speed with the top phones out there. The Vogue is offering technology as good if not better then most phones available. They even offer something most phones do not. A dual sim card ability is in every phone. This means that you have the ability to have two phone numbers. For people who have a business one number can be for business and the other can be for personal. This means you can airplane mode on phone like if your in a business meeting and still receive important business based phone calls. You'll be able to block personal unnecessary phone calls until you're ready. Now there is the opposite effect for when you arrive at home. Say it's time for that vacation and business is the last thing you want to hear about while you are out and enjoying life. Now you can turn off your business cell and spend the rest of the time with your family. Finally you can have some peace while your out with those that matter. Remember the point.....yes here is the point..... Money!!!! save money get technology. The best technology and some other phones don't have yet, for a much lower prices then competitors. This is an unlocked brand new phone. under $200.00. Remember every company needs that chance. Apple has had plenty of time to bring it's prices down to retain it's clients, as has Samsung. It's almost as if they know you won't go anywhere no matter how much they charge. Maybe it's time to give them a blackberry moment. Maybe it's time to remind them that without the consumer they don't have power. Remember that every company needs it's shot, it's one chance. Perhaps it's time for CellAllure and The Vogue to get it's chance.

The Vogue easily the greatest phone for the price

The Vogue sample video by J. Williams

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Final Review of The Vogue By J. Williams


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    • joedolphin88 profile image

      Joe 3 years ago from north miami FL

      I want to thank both of you for the comments and yes this is a great smartphone for people getting ready to get one. They are very user friendly.

      Yes they are very sleek and well designed truly powerful technology. Happy you like the way they look I've been very impressed with the companies phones as well. CellAllure is really building a name for itself.

    • Dana Tate profile image

      Dana Tate 3 years ago from LOS ANGELES

      Very useful information. The phone has a nice sleek design I would try one.

    • MsDora profile image

      Dora Weithers 3 years ago from The Caribbean

      Joe, thanks for these details on the The Vogue. I do not have smartphone, but I can always look here for information. Useful!