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The "X Factor" in Blogging: Unpredictable Pageviews

Updated on January 5, 2013

Typing on Labtop

Freelance Writers Should Write in Spare Time

Freelance writers that have free time should not remain idle.

You have several options. There are great sites to write for to build online portfolios.

Below are links to my profiles on each site:



Yahoo! Voices

Personal Blog

Each website has pros and cons for publishing content. Money is not always the only determining factor. There is a revenue share to each of these sites, but as you devote time to each, you will learn which actually are worth your time.

I recommend that you try to become a niche writer for each individual site to gain the most followers.

For purposes of this Hub, the remainder of this article will be focusing on my personal blog.

Blog Metric Tool for Blogger

Not This Kind of X Factor

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

All Writing Portfolios Should Have Metrics

For whatever writing portfolio you use, there should be a reliable way to view your metrics -- which are your pageviews.

Metric systems that actually tell you the referring links or sources are the best.

This morning when reviewing my blog metrics, I noticed a new referring site. (see picture to right)

The new referring site is in the red box.

This temporary referring site is what I call an "X Factor."

It is an X Factor because it was not predictable that I would receive pageviews from this referring site, as I have not paid for any advertising nor have I published anything for that particular website.

My blog is crawled by Google search and new content published is picked up quickly by X Factor websites.

That is why it is important to add new content to your blog regularly, and it will be picked up by these unpredictable websites.

X Factors Are Good for Bloggers

Bloggers Like X-tra Surprises

Google Adsense pays a 68% revenue share.

The revenue is generated by pageviews and clicks on ads displayed on your blog.

So bloggers that have Adsense like pageviews.

I expect at least one click per 4,000 pageviews on my blog based on a review of the metrics.

While you can't bank on X-Factor pageviews, you will see results if you work hard at developing backlinks to your blog.


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