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The best 3G dongles and 3G service provider in India

Updated on March 22, 2014

3G Dongles and 3G service providers

Looking for the cheapest and the best 3G dongles? Confused about what to choose and why? Eager to know what other features it might offer?

Well, reading this hub might be the perfect treat for you making you aware and pick the best model which fits your needs.

After reading this hub, you will be much confident and aware of what you buy. You can research a bit about the available networks in your area, the best tariffs and then choose the best dongle which fits your price range and requirements.

The top best mobile networks which provide 3G are as follows:

  1. Bharti Airtel : If we consider only about 3G signals, Airtel offers the best network coverage throughout the nation. Based on a poll, we had maximum thumbs up for the network owing to its high speed and responsive customer support.
  2. Vodafone: With the increase in demand of 3G in India, the company has started widening its network base and expanded its 3G circles to most parts of the country. With excellent speed and good signal strength, Vodafone is said to be quite expensive according to most users.
  3. BSNL: The biggest mobile network provider in the country also provides high speed 3G at affordable process. Being a government enterprise, it never really advertised and very few people are aware of its offers and low tariff plans and roaming free services.
  4. Aircel: The leading network provider from South India provides the best tariff plans. Aircel provides cheapest tariffs hence attract huge customers where the network is available. Users also complain about the unresponsive customer care.

MTS is a total set back to the leading 3G providers. I would advise not to choose the MTS and TATA Photon. Since these have post paid services, the data transfer speed decreases drastically, and many users have complaint about ‘Connection Error’.

Which 3G network would you choose?

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A typical 3G dongle
A typical 3G dongle

3G Dongles

Most 3G data cards in India are SIM locked devices which means the devices respond to only one network provider which manufactures it. This is basically a business plan, restricting users to stick to only one service provider.

This system has many disadvantages. No 3G network in India is available throughout. If thee user is traveling to remote areas of India, he may not have access to the 3G on the network provider’s dongle he owns, while others other networks may provide 3G.

Also, you can never change the operator if you are not satisfied. The service providers are smart businessmen, they tend to attract customers with cheap offers and then after a point of time, they increase the tariffs, leaving the users no options for the user. Users either have to use the device at that high rate or throw it. Open network or unlocked dongles have many advantages, they are easily available both online and in retail stores.

What type of a dongle do you prefer?

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Huawei E303FH-1 Data Card
Huawei E303FH-1 Data Card

Huawei E303FH-1 Data Card

1. The Huawei E303FH-1 Data Card offers customers the liberty to choose their favorite operator as per the their desired and suitable data plan requirement.

The data card offers HSPA, Voice call, SMS, Soft Wi-fi and also works on EDGE and GPRS networks. Also, the company claims that the dongle can connect you to a network in 15 seconds even when you are using it for the first time as there is no dial process to go through.

It supports 32 GB micro SD cards as well. Besides, Huawei offers a co-branded game CD, a Rs 300 gift voucher, and Hungama coupons together with this card.

Price: Rs. 1315.

Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card
Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card
Micromax MMX354G 3G Data Card
Micromax MMX354G 3G Data Card

Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card

2. Delivering the best a data card can give, this compact Micromax MMX377G 3G Data Card combines the best of features to give you a mind-blowing experience. It comes hand with Calling Facility, 14.4 Mbps HSDPA and HSUPA,32 GB microSD Card slot. This multi-functioning data card not just lets you use it as a data transmission device but also lets you make calls like in a phone. It also provides a replacement guarantee within terms and conditions.

Price : Rs. 1529

Other Micromax sets with similar features :

Micromax MMX 353G Data Card : Rs. 1349

Micromax MMX 354G 3G Data Card : Rs. 1449

Micromax MMX 353W Data Card(Supports Soft Wifi) : Rs. 1355

Beetel BG64 3G Data Card
Beetel BG64 3G Data Card

D-Link DWM-156 Data Card

D-Link DWM-156 Data Card has features and design similar to most of the dongles, but unlike others it is a little cheap.

Price : Rs. 1299.

Another dongle at a similar price is the Beetel BG64 3G Data Card.

Price : Rs. 1249

Vodafone ZTE K3800 Data Card
Vodafone ZTE K3800 Data Card

Vodafone Vodafone ZTE K3800 Data Card

The Vodafone Vodafone ZTE K3800 Data Card is a fully unlocked device from Vodafone, which the company markets at reasonable prices offering high speed 3G.

Price : Rs. 1249.


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    • profile image

      Jacobb9205 2 years ago

      Awesome list, cheers!

    • profile image 2 years ago

      3g mb

    • profile image

      Murali 3 years ago

      Tata Photon was horrible.. Their billing department leaves much to be desired. There are connection errors and the promised estimated speed is never there.. If you run any live stream, it gets stuck midway..

      They rob you in broad daylight.. Cheaters..

    • profile image

      3 years ago

      As someone who is new to dongles, especially using one abroad, I find this website very useful. Thank you very much!

    • profile image

      pritam 3 years ago

      Super high speed