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The best budget GPUS of 2016

Updated on July 22, 2016

Gtx 950

Scoring around 5800 on Fire strike this 100 dollar card will definitely give you a lot of bang for your buck. It can run Grand Theft Auto 5 at 1080p with an average of 50 frames per second it comes out at about $1.94 per frame per second. So at 95-100 dollars this is not at all bad choice. If you're buying this for your 14 year old kid he'll probably be perfectly happy because Grand theft auto will probably be the only thing he wants to play. It does support SLI so when you need to upgrade you can add in a second GTX 950 (so long as your power supply has an extra 6 pin pcie connector and has enough wattage to handle two cards. It also supports all windows versions after xp. It can support 4 displays. (but come on unless you have four displays lying around theres not point in buying 4 just get a 27 inch monitor or hook it up to a small HD Television

AMD RX 480- $250

I know this is supposed to be about budget cards but considering this card can support Virtual reality games and is only 250 dollars I felt it deserved to be on the list. It scores a 12978 in fire strike at 1080p and at 4k in gta 5 holds an average of 27 fps. Its really not that bad considering its a 250 dollar card and is rendering gta 5 at 4k with 27 fps. It scores a 6.8 in steam VR which isn't that bad for the price. It support multiple monitors (doesn't say how many though) andt here are three Display Port 1.3 outputs in addition to an HDMI 2.0b output. It also supports HDR content if you have an HDR display. You can purchase an rx 480 here

R7 250

Ah yes another AMD card. Its also the lest expensive of them all. It has 2 gb of ddr3. It supports crossfire so you can put 2 of these bad boys in your gaming pc for 140 dollars and it has support for up to 2 monitors. It consumes 48 watts of power but they recommend a 400 watt power supply. It features only 1 hdmi port however and 1 dvi port. Now that thats all out of the way lets get into bench marks. In battlefield 3 with 1080p at medium settings it says at about an average of 45 fps. Not bad at all. This card is one i would recommend for someone who's plans on just doing light gameplay.

Gtx 950
Best for 1080 and slightly more demanding games than gta 5
RX 480
Great for vr and light 4k gaming
R7 250
good for 720p gaming and a console like expierence without as many limitations

Which do you prefer on a budget

See results

I plan on (hopefully) getting each card and doing benchmarks with all of them so look out for that article in the meantime check out my other articles like my sirloin steak recipe


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