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My top 3 best ways of making money online for free

Updated on April 20, 2011

Want a few extra pennies for the pocket?

REMEMBER! This is my own opinion! :)


+£15 a month, fairly fun, frequent surveys

-repetitive, don't get paid directly

With this website you can do many different things. However I think the best way of earning money with it is to do the sponsored polls and the longer sponsored surveys. They do take about a month before your points increase at all but after this period it allll turns out fine! I make about £15 in love2shop vouchers per month but you can also get vouchers for debenhams, hmv, the first club, amazon, cd wow and halfords, although you don't get the chance to get real money from paypal.

You can also get points for creating your own polls and opinion topics, where you get points if a certain number of people reply. But I've got to say, it's very difficult to get the numbers you need to get anything. You need at least 21 replys on your opinion topic and 500 (500!?!) voters on your poll. This is unlikely to happen because no-one gets any points for answering anything thats not created by Toluna. So... in my opinion its not really worth it unless you want to spend a load of time on it, following many many people.

The reason why this particular website stands out is because there are normally always lots of surveys for you to do-instead of the odd one every month. If you can stand the dire boredom of giving out the repetitive stream of information then it is for you! What you've just got to do is be observant-don't pick an hour long survey thats worth 4 points do the ones that are actually worth your time and effort.


+do what you love, straight to paypal

-time consuming, little income

This website is quite useful. You basically listen to a couple of minutes of unknown artists of any genre then rate them and comment on them. The closer your rating was compared with the average rating for that song, the more your score goes up. The higher your score, the more points you get. As a once-famous meerkat said, "simples!"

The money goes directly to paypal but there is a bit of an issue... tiiiime! It takes an extraordinarily long amount of time to earn a worthwhile amount of money because you get so little per song rated. However if you really do love music and want to hear some up and coming tunes than this could work out to be a better waste of time than the radio!


I've got to say, I'm a newbie to this website but it looks very promersing-much more so than other similar sites. So... cross fingers!


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