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The iSpaceship: The Big O for Apple

Updated on June 10, 2011
The vision
The vision
Existing (lower) and future (Circle)
Existing (lower) and future (Circle)

Only the locals would know much about this in Cupertino, California. The Big O or iSpaceship is Apple computers and Steve Job's next venture. But, what is it?

Apple and Steve are presenting their visionary plans not to the Apple executives regarding a new product, but a new corporate office that resembles a "Big O" or a 2001: Space Odyssey spaceship on 150 acres of land that was formerly occupied by HP. There is good reason because only a quarter of the 12,000 that work there are in Cupertino. As unveiled by Steve to the city council, plans call for a huge circle, four stories high with a monstrous park-like center. Parking would be underground and would include apricot orchards, a 3000 capacity lunchroom, auditorium, fitness center and R&D. As Job's explained, apple outgrew its current location long ago creating a variety of problems with entities being in far-flung areas. The iSpaceship is planned to be completed by 2015. The Cupertino city council said little about it, if was just a formality because as Job's stated, Apple is the city's largest taxpayer and if the council has an issue with it, Apple can go next door to Mountain View. This is akin to The Beatles in their heyday demanding from Capital records to let them create Apple records without the Capital Records logo. Of course, The Beatles were not challenged and Capital distributed their Apple record releases from 1968 onward.

Ditto for Apple computers (just where did you think Steve got the name from? His favorite band).


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    • perrya profile image

      perrya 6 years ago


    • Decosigner profile image

      Decosigner 6 years ago from The Philippines


      Good work mr. perrya.

      Thanks for sharing this.