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The light systems of the future: who will invent these lamps?

Updated on June 17, 2012
Light is vital
Light is vital

Lanterns of the future

Light is vital. It penetrates our lives, and in some way, conditions the existence of life itself. Especially it is true for the big cities that basically live on light and electricity. Electrical light has been useful to the mankind, but there are still more efficient alternatives. What are they?

Imagine the cities of the future with the new generation of street lanterns. These lanterns react to the natural light and start when it's getting dark outside. They are light sensitive. They are self-regulated. You do not need to switch them on and off. They start working by themselves at dusk and they turn off when there is enough daylight. They can change their brightness according to the natural light. The darker it is outside, the brighter they shine. They work on solar batteries thus saving electricity. During daytime they accumulate enough energy to work all night long. They serve longer, and you don't need to change the lamps inside them. As they are autonomous, they don't need to be switched on and off.

Is it just a dream or do they exist already? Lately, there have been in use the so-called LED systems that are energy-saving. Is this a new generation of lamps or another step to the technology of the future?

Many inventions have been suggested to the modern society. Will mankind be able to make any use of them?

Midnight street lamp

Midnight street lamp
Midnight street lamp

Industrial project-maker Edan Kurzweil has invented this kind of street night lamps for the streets and highways. At the top of every lantern there is a solar battery and lanterns united by the same chain. They give energy to each other, when needed.

Turbo light

Turbo light
Turbo light

This is how one American studio invented to light up the night highways. It is rather original and novice. The energy of the passing cars is used here. The whirling air from the movement of the cars starts the lanterns. Thus the electricity is generated, and the light is on!

Invisible street lantern

Solar battery street lantern
Solar battery street lantern

The creation of Johgoh Lee, the invisible street lantern collects sunrays all day long. Then, all night long, it lights up squares and parks. What an original design!

Natural light

Solar and wind energy working lamps
Solar and wind energy working lamps

Industrial project-makers Zhou Qian and Tao Ma decided to make use of the sun and the wind. The flower-like lanterns wear solar batteries on their turning leaves.

Changing light

Philips creation
Philips creation

Here is the creation done by Philips company. This is something resembling the previous series of streetlights, but even more advanced. Sometimes, for a solar and wind battery it is hard to keep the energy for the whole night, and, besides, it could be difficult to collect light on clowdy and windless days. For this kind of lanterns there is an economic regime that makes the lamp work halfway, with only small lights glittering on a leg. When a human comes nearby, the normal light flashes as the special detectors react to the movement.

Light flower

Light flower
Light flower

As for this nice invention, one can easily guess how it functions. As the wind blows, the petals start turning, and the wind generated energy puts the lights on. This is a creation of Djordje Cukanovic.

Can solar generated light replace electrical light?

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