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The net has become harmful due to free access!

Updated on November 8, 2015

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Technology tend to become 'tricknology'!

There will be flood and water everywhere around the globe! This is one prophesy fore tending the arrival of the highest Powers on earth. We do not know whether the scriptures mention about the present conditions on earth. But as we watch the media we see the ominous things to come. Find out one country which is not affected by global events! We wondered at the innovations in information technology and communication tools. We now tend to conclude that the same tools of IT have played havoc in different countries. The speed with which we communicate does not eliminate the connected risks. We thought that everyone can access information on the net about anything on the earth. The initial euphoria about the net has waned when we find the increase in cybercrimes by various elements that access the net. When we rear up children we are cautious to watch that the child does not get hurt inadvertently due to carelessness! It may fall or it may put its fingers in flame or get drowned in water.

The inventors of internet have not exercised sufficient caution to prevent the terrorists and other evil elements access the net. We find that children are freely surfing the net given the freedom to access. Sadly, the parents themselves give smartphones and tablets as presents during birthday or as Christmas gifts. We never watch what the children access since we are busy with our own cores of daily life. Now we are blaming the children for getting entangled in social networking sites or porn sites. Also, terrorists around the world have free access to the net. Absolutely there is no security in the internet. Many layers of securities are added by ‘encryption’ now on financial sites and business sites. We are astounded by the fact that hackers around the world hone their skill to perfection to crack into heavily secured government defense sites. The secrets guarded as ‘eye lids’ are thrown open to public by an ex-employee this is the case of ‘WikiLeaks”. Now experts around the world spend their time continuously to safeguard vital sites. It is essential that terrorists have no access to vital defense establishments, given the situation of ‘atomic stockpiling’ by various countries.

This can be compared to the spread of ‘new viruses’ that baffles the Medical community throughout the world. New kinds of diseases are spreading in the past few decades for which medicines are scare. As the researchers crack their head to find new combination of drugs to eliminate such diseases, many viruses become immune to antibiotics. They become stronger. This is the case with terrorists around the globe. We find that many Nations join together to eliminate the terrorists from one place. But they are regrouping at some other place to threaten the peace and harmony of the community. The main reason that can be attributed to ‘terrorism’ is the failure of government to focus on overall welfare of the citizens under the care. Religious animosities play havoc in each country. Thus there is continuous civil war in many countries. Even within the same religion, there is clash on ‘ideologies’. Again there are divisions in politics, languages, regions and sects.

How the world can find harmony and peace when there are so many divisions which create hatred and strife among the individuals in society? There is only one solution which is not in the hands of people or their leaders. It is within the realm of spirit, which is the repository of peace and harmony. The creator has hidden himself purposely within the creation and cosmos. It requires the wisdom of many sages, saints and philosophers to guide the people back to their source which is Almighty! Many selfless souls have recorded or voiced their teachings for the benefits of humanity. They are collated in the form of Veda, Upanishad, epics or purana, the Bible, the Quran and Zend Avesta! Every sect of religion professes some holy book which they follow. Sadly, the followers have failed to know the basic truths like Peace, Love, harmony, brotherhood and non-violence contained in all scriptures. It is sad that the terrorists quote their scriptures in waging war amongst different communities. In fact, no scripture advocate violence or war amongst the people! When every individual corrects his mindset, there will be transformation in societal mindset. This will lead to global harmony and peace.

No leaders today, however mighty they may profess can transform the mindset of people. It is in the realm of Divine to effect such changes in men. Communication tools harm the society more than the benefits they contribute. Of course, it is in the hands of users and government to enable welfare of the people in society. Let children have no access to harmful gadgets which are not play things. There are life threatening dangers lurking in social websites!

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