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The right smartphone to choose

Updated on October 14, 2012

Vital smartphones guide

Should you be looking for any brand new mobile phone offer, you certainly have possibly seen the expression 'smartphone' at this stage. Having said that just what are smartphones? Just how are these kinds of gadgets distinct to regular cell phones? Furthermore can they be worthy of the more expensive selling price?

What exactly are smartphones?

Smartphones are generally cell phones which will carry out a various functions, for instance enjoying audio, taking pictures, surfing around online along with dealing with applications.

Smartphones are usually changing fast “feature phones”, that may be lower-priced versions which could also hook up to the net and also carry out equivalent multi-media tasks. Just take a look at this site for upcoming smartphone for the year 2013: Best Smartphone 2013

A huge difference concerning the two is the reason smartphones use a much more powerful pc processor chips along with manages a full 'operating system', in the same way your home Pc will work an operating system just like Microsoft Windows. Therefore, in several ways, smartphones tend to be exactly like pocket computers rather then cellular phones.

Much like PCs, numerous smartphones can often work the exact same operating-system, even though they're developed by various manufacturers. To give an example, HTC's Desire HD together with Samsung's Galaxy S2 both run Android, an operating system that have been developed by Google. You can check about those smartphones on this site: Samsung Galaxy Smartphone.

Though, various os's, including the iOS, could simply be observed on a single brand of smartphone (in this case the iPhone).

Smartphone features

Only a few smartphones supply the identical capabilities, nonetheless listed here are things which the vast majority of smartphones ought to have the ability to.

High-speed internet access

A lot of a smartphone's valuable features depend upon the concept of accessing the internet, assisting you to lookup sites, connect with e-mail, take a look at on-line films as well as downloads and install apps plus music.

Music player

Virtually all smartphones should be capable of carry out audio files in a similar manner as being a dedicated Mp3-player. However, bear in mind the audio quality are likely to be inferior in comparison to a dedicated device.


A great deal of smartphones is designed for capturing photographs as well as register video. In the event they're features you'll use regularly, you should analyze the camera quality level, as it might vary rather considerably in between several smartphones.

For instance, irrespective of turning into the favourite smartphones on the market, the iPhone 3G and also 3GS are actually criticised on the low resolution of those cameras.


Smartphone touch-screens were popularized as a result of Apple's iPhone and from now on are employed by many comparable smartphone brands.

Both major types of smartphone touch-screens are resistive and capacitive. Capacitive is more advanced touch-screen technology and delivers better control.

Touch-screens are generally divisive based on the features. Many individuals even now find that it's awkward to type using a touch-screen keypad, even though some could never ever consider going back to regular keys. So it is a good plan to look at a touch-screen smartphone in advance of purchasing one.

Smartphones could easily download apps (applications) which will add new abilities within your smartphone. One of the most well-known apps is known as a game called Angry Birds.


Applications (or 'apps') absolutely are an important aspect of smartphones. They'll increase the skills of your smartphone, likewise to your software you buy for a PC.

Several smartphone operating systems include use of numerous online retailers that permit you to obtain apps. Meaning that not all smartphones receive the similar apps. For instance, the iPhone employs Apple's App Store, as opposed to Android-based smartphones get access to the Android Market.

Should I acquire a smartphone?

Prior to buying an expensive smartphone you'll want to think about if or not you'll use the extra functions, because they are in essence what you're investing in a payment for. Certainly not assume the voice call quality, as well as reception to acquire superior quality to a traditional phone.

In case you are positive that you'll need a phone for voice calls as well as texting it genuinely just isn't well worth investing in a whole lot extra for any kind of smartphone. You can find high quality budget phones you can buy for a part of the price tag.

Having said that, in case you are unfamiliar with smartphones, it's tough to comprehend how useful its capabilities can be. It is because smartphones rely, to a degree, on consumers downloading specific apps to improve the phone's type of features.


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