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The Elocity A7 Tablet Review vs Ipad and Galaxy Tab

Updated on September 15, 2016

My Journey to the Elocity A7 Tablet

I love netbooks, however I recently decided to give it up for something new and exciting, the Android Tablet. It was not easy for me to do, I really enjoyed having a netbook, and I had stayed away from the tablet mainly because of the lack of a keyboard, and the touch screen in general. However, when I saw the Apple Ipad, I could not help myself. What a beautiful machine the Ipad is. But I soon learned that the Ipad isn't perfect. It is expensive, the internal battery is a huge detractor, and the lack of a SD card slot clinched it for me. As cool as it was, I would not buy it. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was my next choice, but being forced in to a contract with a cell phone company and almost the same price wasn't worth it either.

My search moved onto the MID tablets. A MID table or Mobile Internet Device, is usually smaller, cheaper, has a lower end process and less RAM. They are fair if you want to do limited things on them. I found a MID X5a, and ordered it from China. There is a plethora of tablets coming from China. There are some good deals out there, but most do not compare to the Ipad or Galaxy Tab. The most irritating thing I found was the resistive screen. It is very different than the capacitive screens on the Ipad and the Galaxy. The X5a didn't support multitouch. Although I liked the price, I sent it back to China.

So I researched some more, and even though the MID tablets were not for me, I still did not want to pay $500 for one. I also didn't want a 10 inch tablet; the 7 inch was just the right size for me. I found the answer, the Elocity A7 tablet. It had the capacitive touch screen, a great processor, and plenty of RAM. It was good looking too, not as good as the Samsung, but still quite nice.

The Elocity A7 is a powerful, but affordable answer to the Ipad and the Galaxy Tab. It has the performance and feel of the Galaxy Tab, and even seems to fun faster. It has a 7 inch crisp screen, and has the capacitive multi-touch screen as well. The price was only around $300, and is running on the Android 2.2 version.

A great tablet with plenty to offer, and at a fabulous price, I couldn't help but be satisfied. This company is a newer company, and is breaking into the already crowded market. However, I think they have built a great tablet that is easily a competitor to most that are already out there. They are releasing newer versions in the future, and I may even consider upgrading to the 10 inch version. Regardless, I am very pleased with this tablet, and would recommend it to all.

Here are the specs:

7-Inch Internet Tablet for Android 2.2

NVIDIA Tegra II T-250, Dual ARM 9 CPU (1GHz clock speed)

with 8 separate processors

Capacitive Touch Screen

4 GB Internal Storage

Micro SD Card Slot upto 32GB

1080p Viewing and HDMI Output for 1080p True HD Viewing

3-Axis Accelerometer for 3D Gaming

Standard USB 2.0 Host

3.5mm Audio Jack

DC-in Connector

Docking Port

1.3 megapixel webcam

e-Reader application

Virtual Keyboard

Wireless & Bluetoothâ„¢ 2.1

Flash Support

Stereo Playback


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    • profile image


      7 years ago


      hmmm, you sound like you work for apple...or at least never owned one of these babies. I picked mine up for 299 (free shipping and no tax) and its completely expandable with android ANYTHING you want. just look online for answers to all of the concerns you raised.

    • lanetodd profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Fruitland, ID

      Found the Elocity on Amazon for $317, and on Ebay for $299. The Elocity does come with Android apps through the Android market, which has more than apple apps, and the Ipad doesn't even have a SD card slot, so you are stuck with the internal storage only, while the Elocity is has 4GB internal, but with SD card, can go upto 32gb with SD card. Your comment is based on inaccurate statements.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I have the Elocity, i cant stand the darn thing. It does not even come with an adapter to hook to a computer to transfer movies and audio cd's with just one click like the ipad does. Further more, there is very limited software available for it compaired to the ipad's. There are thousands of free apps in the ipad/itunes store that upload in one click. THe dumb elocity did not even come with a way to transfer software without purchasing an extra flash card or stick. Also your price quote is 100.00 off US. I cant find it for under 399.99. Your entire article is based on lies.


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