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The Reading Site review- Is it a scam?

Updated on March 31, 2011

Books are "the" source of wisdom

The Reading Site

Our family is made of many book readers, book lovers and some book addicts too. But, I used to pity the current generation’s withdrawal towards the habit of book reading. Casually reading a book is today confused with academic study and commonly termed as a laborious and boring task which is done for the sake of doing. Sadly only 15% of today’s kids have reading books as a hobby. Thanks to Harry Potter series which improved this percentage to 25. But with the increasing number of gadgets either dedicated to or supporting ebook reading, it is likely that more an more people, young and old would be happy to spend their time reading a book.

Be online while in line...

There has always been a need to stylize an age-old practice to get the attention of the younger generation. And ereaders have done the job excellently. When the ereader market is exponentially expanding with better products day-by-day, so are the services for the ereaders. Some of them provide apps, skins, covers and add-ons, while some others help you download ebooks, magazines, comics and so on. The Reading site is one such venture that provides unlimited download of novels, comics, magazines and newspapers.

The Reading Site at just $29.95!

Before your proceed, listen to this! I was checking out the Reading site, when I found that they are offering the membership at a discount offer of $29.95! The offer is valid only for 24 hours! So read reviews and decide quickly!

Visit the Reading Site

Know about thereading site before? Visit the readingsite official page for testimonials from satisfied users and amazing offers!


  1. The Reading Site claims a proud collection of over 1 million titles to choose from.
  2. That includes novels of diverse genre including the hard-to-find controversial ones like Oprah, along with comics and most importantly newspapers and magazines, both ational and international.
  3. The membership amount is a hassle-free one-time payment, when compared to other ebook downloading sites which work on a monthly subscription basis.
  4. The payment is via Clicbank which allows you to get refund if you aren’t satisfied. And that’s why reviews recommend readers to try themselves to see if it really suits them.
  5. As an avid book lover, I feel that authors need to be given credit for the time and effort spent in writing a book. The Reading Site respects the copy write laws from the publishing house and no laws are broken.
  6. Since this is a paid service, it is far far better than the free downloads in protecting your system or ereader from viruses during download. 
  7. They have a very low customer dissatisfaction percentage!

Join now and win a free satellite TV!

Well, why not give a try if you are assured a refund ?! Click here and enjoy millions of ebooks including Twilight, Harry Potter, Oprah Biography and lot more!!!

Is Reading Site genuine?

While there are popular ones already like The Novel Network, a new service has come out called The Reading Site which offers unlimited download of novels of all genre, comics and magazines. When there are so many controversies about the established Novel Network itself, I was really doubtful how this site would convince customers into signing up. The Reading Site Official Website looks very professional and genuine. The titles which slide by in the home page are tempting enough to convince you to give a try.

I immediately browsed for further Reading Site reviews and there are mixed opinions about the site all over the web.


  1. Alas! This is yet another English only site. I have to search elsewhere if I need to check out my Romantic novels in French or Historic novels about the Chinese civilization.
  2. The cost is higher than a monthly subscription. All those unable to $50 all of a sudden, go for monthly subscriptions at other sites at a lesser cost. But for others, its worth giving a try!

Why is it worth giving a try?

As far as I see, the Reading site is useful and cheap for an average-addicted book reader to keep adding books to his collection every day, or even every minute. But only you can decide if you are fine with it. First, check out The Reading Site official site for latest offers and discounts for members. Once you become a member you can immediately start downloading books. In 60 days, if at all you feel that it’s not for you, you can get back your money. Else, if you wanna read more and then decide check out The Reading Site reviews for more pros and cons.

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