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Gift The Toshiba Android Tablet To The Tech Savvy

Updated on July 17, 2014

Pick up a Toshiba gadget for a gift . Your gift will make the recipient jump with joy. Your gift will have high end graphic performance and sturdy hardware. So why not gift something meaningful this year.

With its range of Excite series, Toshiba sure does not disappoint us. It has made its presence felt in the android tablet arena.The sleek and elegant look of the Toshiba Android Tablet sure rocks but you got to shell out ample cash for it. It comes with the latest android version Jelly Bean 4.2.

Excite™ Write Series Tablet
Excite™ Write Series Tablet

Excite™ Write Series Tablets

Starting at $599.99, the Toshiba Write offers a flawless virtual writing experience. Its high point is the TruPen™ and Digitizer, designed for precise touch and response.This sure excites artists, designers who want to take and share quick notes of their ideas or doodle for fun!

The PixelPure™ Display outputs high 2K resolution (10.1-inch: 2560x1600) pumped with NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 Mobile Processor with Quad-Core CPU for a fast performance.

Powered with the TruPen™, one can experience high pressure sensitivity (above 1,000 levels). Its TruNote™ app is maximizes the functionality of the TruPen.

It’s a theater in your palm with 10.1” widescreen PixelPure™ touchscreen HD display. The sound and picture quality is excellent, thanks to the Harman Kardon® stereo speakers.

The 8MP camera has a built-in LED flash, auto focus lens with advanced functions.

Excite™ Pure Series Tablets (just under $300)

The tablet has a smart style, fast performance, affordable price and great visual experience with 10.1” widescreen AutoBrite™ touchscreen HD display, featuring beautiful 1280x800 screen. Sound quality is superb!

According to toshiba, be it watching movies, listening to music, playing 3D games, surfing the web, video chats, e-books, it can handle all, with ease.

Loaded with Toshiba utility apps, such as the ThinkFree Office Mobile app, the Toshiba Android tablet helps you open and edit Microsoft® Office compatible docs and even export them as PDFs.

Just like a desktop PC, everyone in your family can have a personal profile with individual settings.

Excite™ Pure Series Tablets
Excite™ Pure Series Tablets

Excite™ 7 Series Tablets (starts at: $169.99)

A small wonder, it is portable but still boasts of a powerful Quad-core performance. Want some fun? It is entertainment in your pocket. You can use its front camera for video chat and back camera to shoot pictures and videos. Its stereo speakers are enhanced with SRS® Audio Enhancement.

No worries though, the petite size does not mean the Excite™ 7 Series Tablets has made any compromises. At a fast speed, gaming, watching videosbecome great fun.

Excite™ Pro Series Tablets (Starts at: $499.99)

A high-end product, it aims at maximum productivity with large 10.1 display, NVIDIA® Tegra® 4 Mobile Processor with Quad-Core CPU. It takes entertainment to a new high with the touchscreen HD display with ultrawide 178 degree viewing angle.

Battery life is at par with ipad.

In a nutshell

The Toshiba Android Tablet is fairly competitive and ideally priced to make a perfect Christmas gift. It is light, gorgeous and works well.



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