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Thermaltake Spedo

Updated on May 23, 2009

Thermaltake Spedo

Thermaltake Spedo full-tower ATX case
Thermaltake Spedo full-tower ATX case

15 fans to keep you cold

The Thermaltake Spedo full-tower ATX case is the ultimate modders case. In stock trim, as it arrives to you from Thermaltake, the Spedo (pronounced "speedo") comes with six fans, having room for eight. There are two versions of the Spedo, the normal one, and the Advanced package. The advanced package features a massive 230mm cooling fan on the side, as well as extra fan inside the case compared to the normal Spedo case. Being a full-tower case, the Thermaltake speedo is very large. This case is the air-coolers dream. With excellent venting all over the case, and room for up to 8 fans as standard, and as much as 15 when fully modded.  The top of the case features a massive 240mm exhaust fan, which expells tons of heated air.

Advanced Thermal Chamber technology

Advanced Thermal Chamber technology (or simply ATC) has been created by Thermaltake in order to maximize cooling, and reduce the transfer of heat from one component to another. The ACT technology creates seperate "chambers", keeping your motherboard, GPU's and power supplies completely seperated from one another. This seperation creates distinct funnels that line up perfectly with the front 140mm intake fan, giving fast, cold air flow over your most prized components. Dual 120mm rear fans grab the heated air and expell it out the rear of the case.

The bottom chamber, designed for the power supply, features a single 120mm intake fan, with a dust cover pre-installed from the factory.  There is room for one additional 120mm fan next to the included fan.  The second spot does not feature a fan from the factory, and does not feature a dust cover. 

The top chamber designed to keep your motherboard chilly features an additional 120mm cooling fan spot, which does not come included with the case.  This 120mm fan will cool the back of the motherboard, a spot that until now has always remained ignored and unseen.

Thermaltake Spedo Advanced Specifications

  • Form Factor:  Full Tower Chassis
  • Compatible Motherboards:  ATX, Micro ATX
  • Special Features:  Tool Free drive bay, 230mm side cooling fan
  • External 5.25" Drive bays:  7
  • External 3.5" Drive bays:  1
  • Internal 3.5" Drive bays:  6
  • Expansion Slots:  8
  • Front USB Ports:  2
  • Front Audio Ports:  2
  • 120mm fan ports:  5
  • 120mm fans included:  2
  • 140mm fan ports:  1
  • 140mm fans included:  1

Cable management and wiring

 The Thermaltake spedo features some of the cleanest, nicely tucked wiring out there.  The factory wiring is already ziptied for added convenience.  The most annoying part about extreme air cooling is the excessive ammount of cables and clips throughout the case that connect your fans to the power supply.  You hook up one Molex connector, from the power supply, and the rest connect in series, getting rid of the cluttered Molex connector mess that a bunch of fans will create.

Room for water cooling

 Despite being a case designed for extreme air cooling, the Thermaltake Spedo features an a great spot along the top of the case, where the top 230mm cooling fan resides, for a water-cooling radiator.  Due to the mesh design, a modder would need to cut the mesh out of the way in order to make way for a radiator, which is simple enough to do. 


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