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These 5 plugins will help you do your business completely within gmail

Updated on May 2, 2015
google services
google services

You need not to be told that as a business, having everything in one-place helps a lot!

Here is the deal:

You get alot of emails bombarding your gmail account, and a matter of fact, those emails themselves are too overwhelming to be managed, then,

You have to go into excel for a little processing, then,

Move to your crm app or website,

then bounce back nowhere. Then, then, then……


If that’s your problem, have a peace of mind and give a wide smile for a little while!


You are using gmail right? I expect so!

You use Gmail to collect important emails from your customers, and send them responds or whatever huh?

Then wouldn’t it be great if you can do almost everything right within your inbox?

Manage your sales leads, tracking customer information, collaborate with other team members and almost about everything right there without having to leave the comfort of your gmails inbox?

Well! all that is possible if you have the tools am set to unveil in this article:

But before we dive in:

One thing you’ll like much about doing business that way is the plentiful advantage you’ll get over using standard way of managing business.


It will save you hours: you will know how soon!


Most of the processes are automated,

….you don’t need to be tired of data entry anymore.


Makes you a lot more productive

so now, lets dive in


if on earth you are ever gonna need something that lets you manage a complete crm totally within gmail, then its gonna be streak

streak is a little gmail plugin that’s gives you the ability to turn your gmail into a crm tool. It leaves within gmail so you don’t have to be having to do with anything third party website!

In other words, it works just like a native gmail feature.

Some of the features of streak are as follows:

Simple collaboration

As a team, you want to collaborate on the work, you want to share files, contacts, emails etc.

This becomes even simpler once you install streak in your gmail

Works with google apps

You are not left behind if you “wish it works with google apps and not limited to inside gmail”

Hold on:

Streak works with google apps.

Mobile app

well pretty self explanatory:

there is a mobile app that can accompany you where ever you go!!

Lives inside of your inbox

Frustrated having to deal with third party sites or apps?

Your ass is safe now!

No need to leave the comfort of your inbox


Flexes with the nature of your business as you grow

Easy interface

Simple to get going with!

Simply add notes about leads, view information, set deal size, set priority etc.


….Easily view and manage prospects info!

You made a pitch, you got contacted:

But what do you know about that prospect? Close to nothing, I guess!

To do business more efficiently, I believe you got to know much more about the current prospect, where they live, their current position, or just a little about what they like!

Is there a way you can do that without having to go and hard surf through social media?

Well just as you guessed there is!

And this service is called rapportive!

You only get to know the powers of rapportive the more you use it.

It pulls profile data for any email address from around the web and displays it right before you inside your gmail's inbox.

how it does it

nearly every person that uses email has a social media account somewhere around the web.

What this smart plugin does is pull those handy info from the social accounts associated with that email address. Say linkedin about info or facebook or twitter’s about.

After getting all these data, it presents it to you attributed to that email and makes it easy for you to manage these profiles.

Why I like rapportive

Well simply:

It helps me a lot.

Actually am kind of that person that always like knowing much about my customers but since the plugin says “sit down am handling the job” then I must feel a lot gratified.

I easily know who am composing email to, pretty useful when am composing emails,

Or occasinally I just guess an email and slap it to rapportive to get hints on the prospect.

Just like streak, it also lives within your gmail inbox

Boomerang for gmail

Have you ever had this experience?

The time suited to compose an email is not actually the time suited send?

In other words, you wanted to write some important emails may be within the weekend but you don’t want to send them right away for some reasons!

What do you do then:

Save as draft then remember to hit send on Monday?

Wow! I hate having to remember stuffs and I guess you too!

Well we can all rejoice, boomerang for gmail handles all that.

With boomerang, craft the email you want to send and just specify when it should be send and it automatically sends the email when the time is due.

When you are composing an email, you will see a “send latter” button beside the send button, if you hit the send letter, it shows up where you can choose the time to be sent.

From there you can specify the time your email should be sent, you can use a custom date and time or simply selecting an option like “in 2 hours”, “in 2 days” or so.

And you are good to go.


do you use gmail to manage your business?

See results

Cloudy for gmail

You us cloud storage services huh?

What do you do when you have to attach some file from your cloud service (eg google drive, dropbox )?

You download the file to local drive first then try and upload that chunk of megabytes to gmail?

Or just send a link to the email for the file?

…all these are time eaters I believe!

But then:

What of if you can just see your dropbox files beside when you are composing the email and browse through them and select the ones you want as attachment, all without having to deal with the real files?

Yeah it’ll be nice I know, and

That’s absolutely what cloudy for gmail does!

Now you don’t have to struggle to send your cloud files to any email address.

Gmail offline

…you never have an internet connection every time, does it mean you can’t view and management your emails every time?

Yes! But in the olden days!

You want to read that important email some while ahead, but you don’t have internet connection when you want to check the email up.

Well don’t cry….

With gmail offline, you can always have your emails synchronized for offline use.

So you can view every synchronized email even without any internet connection.

It works with chrome browser only, am sorry to say if you are using other browsers.

...finally, let me here from you:

ever had an experience with the listed tools?

Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments.

Have an issue with one of those tools?

Let me see how I can help you in the comments.

Or just say hy to uthmansy J

Have a nice day!


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