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Time Warner Packages

Updated on February 25, 2014

One advantage that cable has over satellite is the package of bundles services. While satellite providers can only offer video service, cable operators like Time Warner package their cable service with high speed internet and phone service. But is the package the right way to go? Lets review what is offered with a Time Warner package and see if its the right option for you.

Advantages of Packaging Services Together

The main reason to select Time Warner over a satellite option like DIRECTV is because you generally get a lower rate when buying two or three services. Later in this article we will take a closer look at some of the pricing with Time Warner, which you can compare with other options available in your area.

The first thing you will probably want to do is visit the Time Warner website or call them up to verify they are your local cable company. Most locations in the United States only have one cable operator servicing a particular city. Time Warner is a national provider, offering service in several major markets like Cleveland, Kansas City, Los Angeles and even parts of New York. Once you have established TWC is your local cable company, the research begins.

Review what you are paying for your current service, along with any internet service fees that you may be paying to a local telco like AT&T or Verizon. Also if you have a home phone line add that into the mix and see what your total communications bill is each month. Now that you have a total, lets review one package option with TIme Warner cable to see how it stacks up with what you are paying now.

Package Pricing with Time Warner

If though you are a long time satellite customer, you might be a bit concerned about switching over to cable. Satellite television prices have traditionally been a bit lower than cable, and the picture quality is top notch, as long as their aren't any storms blocking signal to the satellite dish! But these days there really isn't much difference in picture quality as Time Warner uses an all-digital system. So it really comes down to package pricing.

If we look at the Kansas City, Missouri market, a typical cable package from Time Warner will run you $89.99 a month as a new customer. At this price point you will get the Preferred cable TV package, which is one step up from their basic tier. Additionally, 3 Mbps high speed internet service and national home phone service is offered in the triple play.

The Preferred TV package offers more than 200 channels, 40 music channels and free video on demand with around 15,000 titles to pick from. No premium channels like HBO are offered though. This package is $10 lower than other markets, probably because of new competition coming from Google fiber in many communities. Other charges will apply for additional cable TV boxes and an internet modem, though you can buy your own modem that will work with Time Warner's internet product.

Promotional Pricing for New Customers

Also be aware that the prices quoted above are for new customers, and good for one year. Typically the regular price is anywhere from 40 to 60% higher than the promotional rate, so its up to you to decide if you are willing to switch providers after that year, or pay the regular rate.

Oftentimes you can call up and renegotiate your discount after the promo ends, especially in competitive markets. You may not get as steep of a discount, but if you are willing to commit to a contract, Time Warner may offer discounts on a package to you as an existing customer as well.

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