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Tips About Building A Smartphone App

Updated on March 9, 2013

If you are one of those cashing in on building smartphone apps, you may already know about these do's and don'ts. If you are just getting started, these might help you in avoiding costly mistakes.

First, know that 34% of the app makers make less than $15K from the app and only 12% make over $100K. Most app creators are men and nearly 50% of them have only been doing it for two or less years. About 38% are college educated and about the same number make app development a fulltime gig. The same percentage also work alone.

If you are planning or creating an app:

  • Avoid sticking to one business model, use the $1.99 cost for only a week or so before forcing the user to buy it at a regular price. The limited price will create a jump in downloads.
  • Avoid one-stop development plans, select a platform and create the app. Don't try to be everything to every smartphone.
  • Don't copy an already create app
  • Don't update too frequently as it gives the impression it was rushed and not well designed or tested annoying users
  • Don't build the app if it would work better on a website because of heavy content
  • Design the app that is really useful many times over
  • Before you begin, learn some basic coding. Apple uses Xcode, but learn C and Objective-C languages
  • Make sure your app has feedback features
  • Test your app extensively before releasing to the public
  • Promote your app using Chartboost, Playhaven or Aplifier


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