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Tips On How To Obtain Cell Phone Records

Updated on July 13, 2010

There are countless reasons why a person would want to know how to obtain cell phone records.  In a divorce case where one spouse cheated on the other, phone records could be used as proof of this betrayal.  Or you may have been receiving harassing phone calls lately and want to know who has been bothering you.  Whatever the problem may be, sometimes the only way to put your mind at ease and get proof is by obtaining the proper phone records.

 There are a few options you have if you want to know how to obtain cell phone records.  Of course one of the easiest ways is to do it illegally, which you can if you have a credit card and a couple hundred dollars to spare.  You just find an online company to do the dirty work for you, of which there are more than enough to choose from.  You pay them, give them the necessary information and they will go off and obtain copies of the person in question’s phone records.

 You can get in trouble doing things this way so you will want to be careful.  Remember, if you are going through a divorce or other legal proceeding you will usually not have to worry about doing things the illegal way.  Your attorney should be able to easily obtain the necessary phone records with just a few phone calls to the right people.  If you are being harassed and need to find out who has been bothering you, you should go right to the police.

 They can obtain phone records automatically through the database on the police department computers.  Not only that but they will also be able to offer you protection which may be not a minute too late.  Harassment is a scary situation and it is important to have it dealt with before it escalates.  They need to keep their cover up and when people are able to access their cell phone records and see who they have been talking to, it makes it easy for the bad guys to find out information that they should not be able to.

 Undercover police officers working under a guise could be in serious trouble if the bad guys were able to figure out who they were.  You need to be extra careful these days when it comes to privacy.  While in cases of infidelity and harassment this information is helpful, there are other situations where it could cause a serious problem.  Undercover police officers for instance who are working on the street, cannot afford to have their identity found out by bad guys accessing their cell phone records.


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