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Tips for Buying Surplus Electronics

Updated on October 22, 2012

Why settle for surplus electronics surplus (gadgets, appliances, equipments and devices)?

There are times where we might opt for surplus or second-hand electronics and this is: When you are short in budget in buying brand new electronic products for use at home or in your new business endeavors settling and for the surplus electronics can be a bright idea. This is your short-term solution and once you have ample money in the coming days you might opt for brand new ones for convenience and comfort you need.

Surplus electronic products such as television, am/fm radios, speakers, computers and the list goes on may have reserved many years of usage when selected and used well...
Surplus electronic products such as television, am/fm radios, speakers, computers and the list goes on may have reserved many years of usage when selected and used well...

Why surplus electronics are better than the new ones when setting up a new business:

It’s quite tough to carve out a niche in the market these days and according to statistics only 10% of new business undertakings survive in five years. Yes, it is a gamble on setting up a business as you are uncertain with what the future brings. But you will able to test the water and discern the viability of your business with lesser risk especially with your capital by opting for surplus electronics and/or other products. These products are relatively cheaper and still have some more years of useful life to get acquainted with your business. With lesser capital spent on your electronic you can buy the other things you need.

But before buying surplus electronics you might consider the following factors which can be bearable since you are short in budget (remember).

Here are disadvantages of buying surplus electronic products:

  • Have shorter life span than the new ones.
  • They may require more space since they can be bulky.
  • They may consume more electricity.
  • They may not look trendy and even out of fashion.
  • They need more maintenance and repair as times goes by.
  • The spare parts maybe difficult to find.
  • Have lesser features.

We now have the pros and cons of buying surplus electronics, let us try to look at the brighter side surplus electronics.

Here are the advantages of buying surplus electronics aside from these products are cheap:

  • Since they are tried and tested, there is a big chance that what you will buy might last for many years (at least 5 years and above).
  • With some more upgrades (in computer for instance) you will able to get the efficiency and performance you need and you can to this whenever you have the money in doing so.
  • If you know what you are buying and you are expert you can be able to spot products that are slightly used and/or have minor defects which just requires simple repairs. This implies that what you bought is almost the same as the new ones.
  • There’s lesser worry when the product breaks down since it is cheap and this is normal to happen. Bear in mind that the new electronic products has no guarantee that they will be efficient and will last long even if it is covered by warranty. There are new products out there in the market that has flaws and not productive.

And here’s the coup d grace, tips for buying surplus electronics:

  • See to it that what you are going to buy has at least one year warranty service and at least 6 months warranty parts, (which are the best deal for computers and other electronic products). If the purchased product will last at least one year this trend will continue with lesser repair and hassles for at least one more year or so.
  • Look for the product that has an established brand; do not settle for anything else.
  • Test the product well and look at it thoroughly.
  • Bring an expert with you when you are buying so that you can get the much needed advice that you need.
  • Ask your friends and let them share their experience on their purchased surplus electronics if they experience on buying one.
  • Do not hesitate to ask the customers of the surplus seller if he/she is a repeat customer or may inquire about the services and products they offer or if he.

Here you have it folks some pointers on buying surplus electronics I hope this helps in a way. Thanks a lot for dropping buy.

Feel free to leave your feedback in the comment section.

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