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To be scammed, or not to be scammed?

Updated on September 14, 2011

Have you ever wondered about a certain add that offers you your "million dollar dream" by working from home? Well, don't feel alone. There are numerous people that want to follow that dream, only to find out that it is a scam that does nothing but take their hard earned money.

Research, Research, Research

The World Wide Web has opened up a whole new concept of ripoff and con artists that prey on people that are feeling down and out, and who are desperate to try to make a living from the comforts of home. The only problem is that there are very few legitimate work at home companies. The best thing for a person to do, is to research any company that is offering you the "moon and stars." There are multiple scam reviews that a person can Google to check on any email offer, home working offer or product offer. Be careful of falling into the scam report that sends you to another site that is offering "something they recommend" that is "legitimate", not all scam reports are going to be 100% either.There are numerous sites that offer reviews and feedback for about anything you want to know about. Research and check many different scam reviews before making any final decisions.

The Bottom Line

For the most part, the bottom line is this; if a company is asking for money up front for you to work for them, but not offering any type of product for that money, nine times out of ten they are recruiting you to do the same thing that they are doing, which is recruiting people for a price for a nonexistent product. This can only bring you frustration and anger when you find that you've been scammed. Unless you are buying into a franchise or starting a product-line with a web site, the truth is that there is no quick way to make money online or any other way without a little elbow grease. As the old saying goes, "you must spend money to make money," Titus Maccius Plautus

Don't Get Discouraged

Like many things we do in life, there are always going to moments where we let our guard down and want to believe that most decisions we make will be right. Sadly enough, there are predators out there just waiting for that moment. Don't be discouraged if your opportunity doesn't jump right up and grab you, but don't let someone take advantage, and scam you out of of what you have worked hard for, for you and your family. Be patient, research your options and something will come along eventually, Not everyone is a scam artist.


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    • katiedid101 profile image

      katiedid101 6 years ago from Rural Iowa

      tamron, it's a shame we have people "stooping" to "help" the less fortunate. I guess that is why I recommend to research anything that you are considering to try. Thanks!

    • tamron profile image

      tamron 6 years ago

      Great article on scammers it's a pity when someone stoops so low to scam and deceive someone. It just tells me that they are to lazy to get a real job. Great Info.

    • katiedid101 profile image

      katiedid101 6 years ago from Rural Iowa

      Seeker 7,sorry to here you got caught off guard by a tricky scammer. Your quote couldn't be more true. Thanks for the comment.

    • katiedid101 profile image

      katiedid101 6 years ago from Rural Iowa

      Carcro, thanks! Just thought I would try to keep someone else from falling for a scam out of desperation.

    • Seeker7 profile image

      Helen Murphy Howell 6 years ago from Fife, Scotland

      Excellent article on scams. I was caught out many years ago - not online, but with another scam offline. It cost me dear, but I learned. I follow a golden rule that I read online a while ago - "if it sounds too good to be true, then it's a fraud".

      Many thanks for sharing.

    • carcro profile image

      Paul Cronin 6 years ago from Winnipeg

      Real good advise on scamming, I'm sure most of us at one time or another have fallen victim to a scam sell. It can be very frustrating, so any info on this subject is great! Thanks for sharing... Voted Up and Interesting!