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Top 10 Big Screen 4K TV's Available on the Amazon Store

Updated on September 24, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

Amazon has to be one of the worst retail websites on the web. Searching through 4KTV brands of the larger sort took a mammoth amount of time as it was not completely clear in the way that it listed all of the TV's that came under the search criteria.

This is one of the many reasons why we figured collecting a list for the best big screen 4K HDR TV's might be of interest. These are entirely chosen from the TV collection available on the Amazon store, and if you are familiar with Amazon then you will already know that the online retail giant includes all makes, models and varieties of TV electrical appliances, and then some.

If you are in the market to buy a 4K HDR TV and want it at a reasonable size, such as a 40inch screen, then this may not be the place for you. Although, you may want to scroll through once regardless.

Each of these 4K HDR TV's are giants that quite simply resemble their company counterparts, and if you are looking for a big-screen TV that does everything that a 4K TV can do then this is the place for you.

Oh, you like the 40inch TV's? Just go. I am sorry, just go...

This is 2017, please stay, let us wow you with our selection.

No.10 - Samsung MU6400 - 49inch Smart Ultra HD TV - £552.90

Amazon user reviews - 4 1/2 stars

In 2017, Samsung is stronger than ever, and have been launching new models that have in the eyes of the consumers - have been doing far better work than lots of the other leading technological companies within the marketplace for high-definition TV's.

As you can probably see from a glance on this page we have opted to go for TV models that have hit the 49inch screen size or higher. 4K is the ultimate compliment to a bigger sized television, as this offers four times the processing speeds than a regular high-definition TV that might have been seen back in 2013.

This is a 2016 Samsung TV model, and we believe that it still has standards and specifications that live up to the current years comparison of Samsung TV's, and other competing brands.

No.9 - LG 49UJ630V - 49inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED - £552.23

Was £579.99 (save more than £65)

LG is the TV company that has been spoken by many authors of professional blogs around the web to be the best television brand for models coming out in 2017.

This title was recently held dearly to the heart of the professional tech enthusiasts around the web to be Sony. The Bravia range which is Sony's was all the craze back in 2013 through to about 2015 for having the best TV technology on the market.

Given that LG was practically unknown back in 2009, it should seem that they have gone from edging their brand above Samsung, to now pushing their scopes in getting ahead of the TV giant, Sony.

The functioning for apps in the LG smart range is above and beyond expectations. There is no better TV brand that can deliver simple functioning quite like LG, and this remains to be the case in 2017. If the technology design is something that matters greatly to you, then it does not get better than LG.

No.8 - Panasonic TX-50EX700B - 50inch 1600Hz Widescreen 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart LED TV (2017 Model) - Silver - £685

Was £949.99 (save more than £250)

Panasonic has provided the best 4K televisions for gaming over the past couple of years, as they seem to have put a push within their tech to deliver clean and crisp colours and lighting that cannot be seen in this way from any of the other technological companies within the television market.

This is also a great television to get all of your tech devices hooked up to, like the Xbox One/PS4, Blu-Ray player, cable TV box, and any other additional devices that you have lying around the entertainment unit.

No.7 - Samsung UE55MU6200 Black - 55inch 4K Ultra HD HDR Pro and Pur Colour - Curved Design - £745

A Samsung buyer is a Samsung buyer, as if you have been working with a Samsung television since 2009 then chances are you feel at your most comfortable sticking with the brand that has treated you so well throughout the year.

If you are looking around for different brands and already have a Samsung TV then I would say, spread your wings and dive into the action happening in some of Samsung's biggest competing brands of TV models from 2016 and 2017.

No.6 - Samsung UE55KU6000 - 55inch 4K Ultra HD - Black - £699

This is practically the same TV as the one above, the MU6200.

If you are looking for a Samsung television and are unsure of which one to go for then you may want to opt for the one above. But we feel that with every new model of TV that is released, there is usually something lost.

It may be worthwhile checking out the individual specifications between these two similarly designed Samsung TV's, as we would go for this one in a heart beat even with the later model sat right above in stunning silver form.

No.5 - Panasonic TX-50TX750B - 50inch LCD 1080 Pixels 3D TV - 4K Pro HDR - £1,129

Comes with a 5 year extended warranty

This is the exact same TV as the one further above in the list by Panasonic (that we have already covered, the EX700B), but there is one minor difference, and that is the 3D accessibility on this model.

Always wanted a 3D TV in your home, then this may be the one for you, and as previously stated the Panasonic has some of the best technology that makes their TV models within this list, pop. This is the eye candy that makes the other TV brands shelter in better lit areas.

No.4 - LG OLED55B7V - 55inch Premium 4K Ultra HD HDR Smart OLED TV (2017 Model) - £1,879

Was £2,999 (save more than £1,100)

- Other options - 65inch - £2,849

In terms of having the flagship products where it simply does not get any better in terms of specifications along with those cold hard facts. This is LG's best 4K TV model for 2017.

No.3 - LG OLED55B6V - 55inch 4K Ultra HD OLED Smart TV WebOS (2016 Model) - Black - £2,099

Was £2,799 (save more than £700)

This is another LG TV that stands out, even above the one that we have previously spoken about.

But, similar to the Samsung argument, it is merely just a case of checking out the specifications for this model and the one above to find out which one suits you best.

Every LG fanatic should take this model and the one above as being the only two to choose between if you are out looking for the best of what is out there in the market today.

No.2 - Sony Bravia XD55XD8005 - 55inch Android 4K HDR Ultra HD Smart LED TV with Triluminos Display and Google Cast (2016 Model) - Black - £929.99

Was £1,599 (save more than £670)

If the Sony Bravia still stands as your all time go-to TV brand, then this is the one that will surely impress you the most.

This is the premium 2016 model for the Sony Bravia, and even now in 2017 is stands as being one of the best TV's around.

No.1 - Sony 6558005C 3D Curved Screen 4K 65inch Ultra HD TV (Android TV, 4K Processor, 4K X-Reality Pro, Motionflow XR 800Hz, Wi-Fi and NFC) - Black - £1,707.33


This is our top pick for the big screen 4K HDR TV models for 2017, and gives good value for money since this is a TV that truly takes some beating.

Sony fanboy alert. Yep, Sony as a TV brand stands a part from all of the other company providers as the form of translucent entertainment that is provides is without a doubt the most disturbingly brilliant.

Too many horror movies perhaps. This is a bit of a biased choice given that I own this particular Sony model, but it has everything a person could ever desire from a TV, and the only thing better than a 65inch screen Sony TV is a 4K HDR 65inch screen Sony TV.

4K ultra high-definition TV screens are finally reaching ultra thin and weightless designs. Could this lead to more homes opting for bigger screens? Only time will tell.
4K ultra high-definition TV screens are finally reaching ultra thin and weightless designs. Could this lead to more homes opting for bigger screens? Only time will tell.

Special Interest Additions

  • LG 98UB98OV 98inch Ultra HD 4K Smart TV WebOS (2014 Model) - Black - New - from £33,890.78
  • Samsung QM105D - 105inch 5K LED Display - Black - 5120x2160 Resolution - 1xD-Sub - 3x Display - Port 3x HDMI, 16/7 Usage, 450cd Brightness - New - from £33,478.42
  • Sony FWD - 1002D9501 LED TV - 3 Years - £82,178.28 plus £5.40 UK Delivery

That about wraps up the special interest big screen 4K TV's, and the final one from Amazon with a £5.40 delivery charge, unbelievable. It truly makes you wonder exactly how much a person would have to spend to get free delivery, as after a certain point of pass criteria there should be immediate free delivery. That about sums up Amazon as a company.

Truly, the amount of people who would have the disposable income to purchase these far larger than average 4K televisions would be businesses, and thusly the £33,000 - £82,000 may not seem like too much of a loss from the technological investment.

Then again, there are plenty of millionaires who positively earn millions in a single calendar year, and perhaps the 5 million dollar townhouse could use some kind of an insanely large-screened 4K TV to spruce up the living (or one of the living) areas.

A TV of the 100inch size magnitude could surely prove to be a conversational piece, and in a house big enough it would probably sit there looking like a 40inch television screen anyways, but still. Now there is a TV to suit everyone.

I'm a Millionaire!

Have you been on the search for a 100inch 5K television recently (costing above the mark of £30,000)?

See results


4K ultra high-definition televisions are the future for state of the art home entertainment big screen TV's. Anyone still using standard definition TV's are way behind the eight ball when it comes down to the subject of the ultimate living room screens that hone in all forms of digital entertainment. It is difficult to imagine there are still people using the style of TV's from the 2000's, having that god-awful box-back to the unit. Back in the early 2000's people would have been breaking their backs to get the big screen box televisions into their perfect spot in the living area.

Then again, is it not a little unsocial to still use plasma screen televisions, as visitors whom enter your home will have to suffer from headaches and dizziness trying to focus on the lack of pixel coverage across the sides of the large screen TV. Move with the times. There is still hopes of saving humanity from poorly designed, functionless plasma televisions.

Finally, return to sanity as we get our heads around the far more pleasant of television experiences, that being of the HD televisions, and the slow progression into Smart application televisions. At this point if you are still with us, and not sulking in the corner of a room somewhere all because nobody agrees with you that plasmas are still current, then we can all sit down and watch Netflix. Smart TV equals Netflix, in high definition.

If you are a nervous nelly and feel like the times are moving vastly ahead of where you are technologically comfortable, then fear not, as all that people would ask of you is that you join the crowds of happy people, in that you have bought yourself a 4K ultra high-definition television.

People today are like babies around technology, and simply must be told exactly what to do in order to be happier around its existence. The entire human race is backing the technological universe, and it truly is saving mankind from extinction, but only those who understand its power can wield the sword that puts people into an orderly line.

Stop crying about the past being no more, as the human race is finally ready to take the leaps of faith, something that is only possible through the existence of technology. Before technology, mankind was moving in tiny baby steps, and the worst part about it is that many people in the world of today are still peacefully taking these baby steps.

Technology (not the people) wants you to buy the large screen 4K television, since the future of screened technology is going to be bigger, and the only way to stay ahead and happy is to get screened products at the medium to high-end ranges with bigger screens and pixel capabilities. Forget about the past, and you will reek the rewards of the future.

© 2017 Dreammore


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