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Top 10 Google Chrome Browser Addons

Updated on January 13, 2013
Google Chrome Icon
Google Chrome Icon

Google Chrome is a highly customizable Internet Browser which can change vastly depending on how you modify it. Google Chrome has a vast amount of addons which grow by the number every day. The 'everything but the kitchen sink' mentality can make Chrome addons both confusing and daunting, but here are a few that can start you off.

Adding Chrome addons is very simple. All you have to do is hover over an addon you like and click "add to Chrome". These can be found at:

Chrome Themes

Chrome has the ability to change its background and color scheme based on your preferences. You can create a scheme yourself, or look at the themes available and pick whichever you like. They have anything from kittens to video games, plain colors to fractal art.

Addblock Plus

Are you just looking for a simple answer to a problem only to click a link and have 6 video advertisements time out your page, or play noise at once, or just drive you insane? This turns off all advertisements. This not only makes websites less annoying, it also cuts down on memory usage on advertisement heavy pages. Also, for some things like you tube it takes off commercials. You can always add exceptions to the list of blocked ads as well.


Feel someone is watching you? They might be. This addon tells you who is. Its how I found out Facebook was watching me so much and it has made me uncomfortable; but I can block them with this.

Note: If you ever watch anything on a website that limits your time, for instance “you must wait ___ to continue watching” this addon makes it so it cant track you and you never get a time limit placed on you.


This is a very fun addon. All you have to do is create a stumble upon account to set up preferences and then you just click the button to go to a random website that fits your interests. Caution: Could get stuck looking at web pages for hours…


This note program is very good in any browser, on any device. It is great for taking notes and transferring them to different devices.

Google Chrome Wallpaper
Google Chrome Wallpaper

Youtube Downloader: MP3 / HD Video Download

Caution: Do not download licensed and copyrighted material as it is illegal.

Have you ever wanted to save a video and show someone, but they don't have internet? Or did you want to use it in a presentation but did not want to use the web? Well, this addon allows you to download Youtube videos in any format you want, even just the MP3 versions.

Shortcut Tiles

If you like shortcuts, this is the thing for you. Most websites have their own tile. You can easily put widgets or shortcuts up on your bar to quickly move between your favorite sites.


Searches Wikipedia and Wiktionary for anything that you need.

Turn Off The Lights

This addon dims the screen around the video you are watching to get rid of distractions that could be around the video.


This radio addon allows you to play Pandora Radio in Chrome a little faster than using the normal means of loading Pandora yourself.

Google Chrome Wallpaper
Google Chrome Wallpaper


Google Chrome Addons can sometimes be a little over the top because there are so many people making addons these days. You can find many copies of the same addon that will do mostly the same thing. If you try to keep to the highest rated version you should be safe. The one complaint I have is that a lot of people make 'addons' that are just links to websites. There are plenty of games to look at in Chrome as well, but you might as well just go to the game websites themselves.

Be safe, and have fun customizing Google Chrome to be all that you want it to be!

Google Chrome Background
Google Chrome Background


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 

      19 months ago from The High Seas

      Good idea for a hub, nicely done, mate. I am about to read your firefox one too.

    • Danieljohnston profile imageAUTHOR

      Daniel Johnston 

      7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Adblock Plus is very useful indeed. Just make sure to have it disabled on friendly sites.

    • profile image


      7 years ago

      Adblock Plus?Youtube Downloader are my favorite extensions in chrome browser.Really useful. Especially the adblock plus, I also use it in firefox and Avant browser.


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