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Top 10 Email Marketing Tips

Updated on February 1, 2011

Email Marketing Basics

Email marketing is a great medium when it comes to the marketing world. This is a real strategy that picks up where a lot of other marketing tactics fail. If you are in need of targeted customers, then Email marketing is one of the cost effective ways to get it done. Thus you will be able to generate sales of your products or services you are into. If we are considering the traditional methods of mailing such as mass or bulk postage mail, email marketing is really very cheap and most of the times, it’s free. So understanding the significance of email marketing and implementation of the same properly results in the tremendous improvement in your marketing projects. In order to make sure that you won’t fail in Email marketing at any cost, you need to be well aware of some basic facts about the same. So I am giving you the quick and the most basic tips of email marketing for your marketing success.

Most Common Tips

  • You should send emails only to those who have requested to receive them. Targeted ones should be the goal.

  • You must take great care to ensure that you are providing only the relevant content that he/she has requested.

  • Frequency must be uniform – Weekly sending of emails or biweekly, monthly. A uniform period is the real way.

  • Try to send emails just after the start of the day – Between morning and noon in most of the cases.

  • Customer emails should be sent either between 5 pm and 8 pm or between Friday evening and Saturday afternoon.

  • Ensure that your messages are being delivered to the proper recipient at proper time by taking necessary steps.

  • Always mention person name or company name as the from name.

  • You should include HTML version as well as plain text as far as newsletters are concerned.

  • Don’t overuse CAPS and Exclamation marks when presenting the heading or line of subject.

  • Implement sign-up generation for every considerable event in your business. You can use software based services or you can develop it in a portable form in advance so that whenever the need arises, you can use them.


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