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Top 10 Firefox Browser Addons

Updated on May 8, 2012
Firefox Icon
Firefox Icon

The Fully Customizeable Firefox

Firefox (and Aurora, the Firefox Beta Browser) is a fully customizable Internet Browser that can take many shapes and forms depending on what you want to use it for. You can modify it to work better with any websites that you are using, to have high privacy settings, or to be able to get to your favorite website without having the internet stall because of pop-ups and horrible advertising.

Getting addons for Firefox is very simple, just go to and start browsing and they are all totally free. However, you might notice that there is a ton of addons there. This is because people make new addons and can put them up there. This means that there are some that aren't as high quality, or glitchy, or just don't do very much.

This is a short list of addons that I enjoy a lot. Perhaps it can get you started on a better browsing experience. After looking at these addons, you should look at the other things Firefox can give you and explore the possibilities.

Personas Plus

With Personas, you are able to modify the look of your browser to better fit your personality, recoloring every bit of it and changing into backgrounds easier than you can change your outfit. I like to have mine match my desktop background.

By visiting the site you can hover over what you are looking at and preview it in the browser. Some are even animated! Personas can be found at:

Easy Youtube Downloader

Firstly: Make sure you do not use copyrighted material as it is illegal.

Have you ever wanted to save a video and show someone, but they don't have internet? Or did you want to use it in a presentation but did not want to use the web? Well, this addon allows you to download Youtube videos in any format you want.


This is a very fun addon. All you have to do is create a stumbleupon account to set up preferences and then you just click the button to go to a random website that fits your interests. Caution: Could get stuck looking at web pages for hours… I know I have.

With such a diverse set of tags, you could find anything your heart desires to see:

Session Manager

Mistakes happen, computers crash, and plugs get pulled. Session Manager saves and restores the state of all windows, either when you want it or automatically at startup and after crashes. It can also automatically save the state of open windows individually.


Quickly searches Wikipedia and Wiktionary for anything that you need. This is set in a search bar next to your URL.

Firefox Wallpaper
Firefox Wallpaper

All-In-One Sidebar

This is a hide able sidebar so you can easily find all the information you need such as history, bookmarks, addons, browser information, and website information.

Tile Tabs

This is an interesting addon which allows you to choose a format for multiple tabs in Firefox. You can tile them up in any way you like, such as grid styles, parted, scattered, columns, rows, whichever you prefer. Makes looking at multiple tabs really easy, I use this for research all the time.

Turn Off The Lights

This addon dims the screen around the video you are watching to get rid of distractions that could be around the video.


Feel someone is watching you? They might be. This addon tells you who is. Its how I found out Facebook was watching me so much and it has made me uncomfortable; but I can block them with this.

Note: If you ever watch anything on a website that limits your time, for instance “you must wait ___ to continue watching” this addon makes it so it cant track you and you never get a time limit placed on you.

Adblock Plus

Are you just looking for a simple answer to a problem only to click a link and have 6 video advertisements time out your page, or play noise at once, or just drive you insane? This turns off all advertisements. This not only makes websites less annoying, it also cuts down on memory usage on advertisement heavy pages. Also, for some things like you tube it takes off commercials. You can always add exceptions to the list of blocked ads as well.

Dislike An Addon?

If you ever install an addon you dislike, you can easily uninstall it by going up to Firefox and clicking the addon button. With this easy to use interface it makes dealing with unwanted addons quick and painless. Through this panel, you can also temporarily disable something, or enter the control panel for an addon to modify it.

Firefox Wallpaper
Firefox Wallpaper


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    • GetitScene profile image

      Dale Anderson 6 months ago from The High Seas

      Just rad your Top 10 Chrome Addons hub. Both good stuff.

    • nicomp profile image

      nicomp really 5 years ago from Ohio, USA

      Adblock Plus? Noooooo...