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Top 10 Free Antivirus for Your Computer's Ultimate Protection

Updated on July 5, 2013

Free Antivirus Solutions

Top 10 free antivirus solutions were not too easy to find out. I have tried my best to sort out the best among the free antiviruses for you....

The man told me with a dejected tone, “ My brand new PC has become too slow! Believe me it is brand new with latest configuration. Please help me.”

So, I checked it. There was no antivirus in it!! So, I installed Avast free on it and scanned. The result was stunning. 5678 infected files were discovered and after long operation, the PC was restored to its previous glory. You can see what can be done with a completely free security solution. Here I am discussing about ten such digital policemen who are too good in their duty. You can use all among these without paying large sum of money like that of Kaspersky or Norton’s premium services.

Microsoft Security Essential : Microsoft Security Essential is the most hyped among the top free antivirus. MSE is from the windows maker Microsoft and you need not to pay a dime for using it. This antivirus can defend your systems effectively. You need the genuine copy of the windows for using Microsoft Security Essential.

MSE is very simple to use. You would like its ease of use and simple, elegant interface. There is no hidden settings which are a pain in the back to set up. If it detects any threat, let you know via an alert message. It updates automatically after every 48 hours. But the main problem with it is that it is not too efficient in catching all the threats.


Avast : Avast free is very good in its job. It has a shiny interface with some good features. It can detect most of the malwares and Trojans. It is completely free. Online registration is required for activation.

According to some experts, Avast is the best free antivirus. The detection level of Avast is pretty high. It can give you much needed peace of mind. However, some tests claim that Avast is good but not so great.

It can kill virus during before booting by its boot time scan function. It is very good at stopping malicious urls and automatic downloads.

Ad-Aware : The name of this free antivirus software is quite odd but its performance is too good. It can detect almost 90% malware which is commendable. This free version is almost like the full paid version.

This application is mostly known for its capability of detecting spyware. Ad-Aware does not show many false positives. It also does not slow your system down.

Panda-Cloud : As the name implied Panda is a cloud based antivirus i.e. it operates online by connecting to its server. That is why it is light and fast. The Panda free antivirus is good at detecting and removing malicious programs. The main disadvantage of it is that its unusable without internet. If you are not blessed with a super fast high speed internet connection, you can not be able to use this service.

It can clean an already infested system. But it often takes days to do it. It is a master while protecting a clean system from external threats.

Avira Antivir : Avira is a renowned name in the world of antivirus. It is a fully functional antimalware tool which can detect any kind of threats. The first time set up is quite complicated though after that it is too easy to operate.

Avira Antivir is pretty much capable of delivering some Bruce Lee style kicks to the malicious codes. But it is reported that it is not very good on detecting latest phishing sites. The paid version will give you great online tech support which will be not so great for the free edition.

Avg Free : Avg was once my favorite once. I have discarded it now because sometimes it detects wrong files as virus or Trojan. Avg is a good looking and fully capable free antivirus and it is constantly updating for being better.

But the problem with AVG is it has its own irritating hidden codes. The free AVG toolbar browser addition is a nuisance. It is very difficult to completely uninstall every root and part of AVG from a system.

Comodo: One of the top ten antivirus
Comodo: One of the top ten antivirus

Comodo: Comodo Cleaning Essential free antivirus uses defense+ technology which they demands is the best way to safe guard and clean a PC. Comodo is a portable application which does not required any installation. Just unzip, copy and run the exe, that's all. every time it will check for updates and will update itself. This app is very good for a heavily infested machine where any other antivirus installation can not done. It is also an expert in catching root kits (malwares which attache themselves with Windows system processes).

Norton Power Eraser : This free tool from Norton is good in terminating threats. Norton Power Eraser is aggressive in detecting the malicious codes. It can even neutralize the malwares that prevents any other antivirus installations. The threat detection capability of Norton is quiet good.

Digital Defender: one of the best free antivirus
Digital Defender: one of the best free antivirus

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Norman Malware Cleaner : This is not a fully functional antivirus like the others. Still, it is very good for some quick actions. It is light and easy.

DigitalDefender : Digital Defender is a good free antivirus. It updates daily. This free antivirus is not very big in size. The settings are not too tough and operating it is easy.

Best Free Antivirus: A Video

So, which among these are among your choices? Do you use any of these ten top free antiviruses? Tell me please and also mention any that I have missed. I shall be back soon with a new article. You know, not every antivirus works the same for each users.

It would be my pleasure if you share your experiences with these above mentioned antivirus services. Others will be benefited from it for sure. Tell us about functions and faults. Are they good or irritating. Are the free versions worth downloading or not?


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      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Nice to learn it @services4all.

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      Thanks for posting a nice hub on antivirus softwares. It is helpful for me.

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      Audrey Howitt 5 years ago from California

      Great hub and great info!

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      alocsin 5 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Useful hub that shows you don't need an expensive program to protect yourself. Voting this Up and Useful.

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      MSE got no votes !

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      pinappu 5 years ago from India

      Thank you very much.

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      Great article. Thanks for sharing!