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Top 7 Questions to Ask an IT Company BEFORE you hire them!

Updated on February 29, 2016

Before you hire a computer nerd, read this?

1. Do you OUTSOURCE your Help Desk?

Many larger companies outsource their helpdesk overseas. You may be talking to someone in another country with no knowledge of your operations or your area. TMPros has techs on-site in all of our service areas. We have a Central Help Desk in California and Nevada where our knowledgeable technicians get to know each client. Our on-site techs are very, very familiar with each client so you get personal support.


Why monitoring software is so important is it accomplishes two things. First, it alerts your IT company to problems before they occur. Secondly, it alerts your IT company to server, router, switch outages, so they can quickly respond.

TMPros goes a step further. We have server, switch, desktop monitoring software and it includes managed anti-virus software, automated patches, and much more. We keep your systems and your networks up to date. With Crypto-locker and other ransomware decimating American businesses, you have to know your anti-virus is working. You also have to know your backups have worked. If your IT company isn't managing the anti-virus and monitoring the backups... you could be in for a HUGE surprise.

3. How Much Experience Does Your IT Company have with CLOUD Computing and Storage?

This is important because if cloud storage and virtual servers and PC's are hosted by an unknown company, maybe overseas, you have no idea how safe your data is.

TMPros has a partnership with our cloud storage provider and we serve as a front line service provider for them. We are the A-team they look to for high end data center issues and customer delivery issues. TMPros manages hundreds of virtual servers and thousands of virtual PC's on a daily basis.

4. Do you have SENIOR level techs manning your HELPDESK?

If a prospective IT company has junior techs trying to do a job, and they spend a lot of time fixing your issues, you lose productivity. It doesn't matter what they cost... it matters what they cost you in lost time.

TMPros has experienced, certified techs at every level of our help desk tiers. We even have a tier one tech with a Masters in Information Security to ensure our customers get excellent support at every level. We pay our techs more than the industry average to maintain continuity. and, we have a solid escalation system and team approach to ensure every user gets their problem solved in a timely manner.

5. What's your experience in MY Industry?

Because some IT companies are good at one area of business.... it just doesn't make them good in other areas. And, some are good with retail customers, but just don't know business at all.

That's where TMPros excels. We have three principle owners who have approximately 50 years of combined experience across many industries including professional services, medical, construction, real estate, logistics, transportation, non-profit, and more. We have a business development and marketing division who have helped hundreds of businesses just like yours grow.

Find out not how long they have been in business, but how much they've worked with businesses like yours and what they understand.

6. Will you put your RESPONSE TIME in Writing?

You can ask an IT company about response times, and they will all tell you theirs are GREAT! But, that's just like a used car salesman. Get it in writing!

TMPros puts it all in a service agreement with service levels so you know what to expect. And, our goal is to always meet or exceed our promise to our customers. But, what makes life great for our customers, is we solve the majority of IT problems over the phone with our remote software. That saves TIME and PRODUCTIVY. When we do go on-site, our qualified technicians have guidance from our senior staff to find and solve your issues in a timely manner.

7. Can you speak PLAIN English?

One of the biggest problems IT guys have is they just can't communicate what the problem is to normal people. The other is a lack of social skills.

At TMPros, we are a team of regular guys who just happen to have skill sets in the area of computers. Our techs are friendly, socially acceptable, and incredibly gifted in the art of problem solving. We hire problem solvers first, and give them experience in business computing. What you get is a smart, regular guy, who can fix your problems both fast and courteous. You'll like our techs. We are nerds... but we're not geeks.

Why Hire a TEAM over an IT Guy?

If you're looking to replace an existing IT guy or even a Director of IT, now is the time to think about hiring a team instead of that guy. The advantage is a TEAM doesn't call in sick nor does it take vacation for a week. You get decades of high level CIO experience to solve your biggest problems and plan for the future. You also don't pay a team to surf the web. When you hire TMPros as your IT staff, you pay one affordable monthly price that's usually lower than an IT guy, with the combined knowledge of some of the brightest minds in the industry.

We offer remote helpdesk, cloud storage, server and desktop support, email and phone support, website hosting, development and online eCommerce support. Our team can handle all aspects of it. So, before you hire your next IT guy, contact the author at


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