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Top 10 Sites for Staying Current with Technology

Updated on May 11, 2010

Any great geek will tell you that knowing the top news from the technology industry is crucial to staying up to date with all the information out there. The sites below, when visited frequently, can offer this information that all great geeks crave.

10. CNN Tech - CNN's website isn't the most updated site on the planet, which is why it takes the number 10 spot on the list. However, it does contain professional journalism, with verified and credible sources and reporting.

9. Daily Tech - This site does a fairly good job of following trends in companies that would affect stock prices and the markets. The information is interesting at times.

8. Engadget - If you are a lover of all things mobile, then Engadget is a great site to keep up to date with the hardware in your pocket (your mobile phone!).

7. Gizmodo - Besides being the infamous site that paid $5000 for the new iPhone, Gizmodo offers a healthy selection of tech news throughout the industry.

6. Slashdot - Slashdot provides a site that is rich in user-submitted content with links to many other sites all over the interwebs.

5. ArsTechnica - Ars offers a comprehensive look at what's going on in the tech world at any given time. It has great articles and interesting reads.

4. Digg - Although Digg is no longer a purely technological based news site, it contains a generous amount of user submitted articles about trending technologies that would be difficult to find on one's own.

3. Cnet - Cnet has content that is updated quite frequently with current trends and news. It also has a great mobile site at for mobile viewers.

2. Tech Crunch - This site does a good job of focusing on the trends that are truly affecting the industry. It covers startups and industry leaders as well as the news that makes them tick.

1. Lifehacker - While some people may disagree, Lifehacker is my personal choice for the number one tech news site. I have chosen it because the editors do a great job of mixing current news with the preferences of the readers. Polls are very frequent, and articles such as the "high five" offer the reader's views of various topics.


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