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Top 10 iOS apps in 2019 Discovered

Updated on September 17, 2019
Barbara Vega profile image

Barb has been a professional android journalist for over a decade now. Nowadays she writes to share her expertise.

We explore the best of the best other than your casual Twitter, Facebook and some typical apps. These are my personal favourites in the game.

Top 10 iOS apps
Top 10 iOS apps

My Top 10 iOS app picks for 2019

1. Google Photos for iOS
2. Mint
3. Dark Sky
4. Outlook for iOS
5. Signal
6. GroupMe
7. Tasty
8. 1Blocker
9. Magisto
10. iFTTT / workflow

We explore the best of the best other than your casual Twitter, Facebook and some typical apps to spice up your device experience.

1. Google Photos for your iOS device

Sure Apple might be offering their users a decent photo app, but it is still behind compared to the app provided by its market competitive counterpart which is considered as the biggest threat to Apple, Google. But let's be real, when it comes to us the consumer, we need the option where we can get the best of the best service. Thus my number one choice is Google Photos for replacing the default photo app provided in iOS devices. Google Photos app has proven itself as one of the most reliable and world-renowned for being a super-smart photo assistant that is capable of storing all user images in a cloud service. And the cloud service it uses is an extremely pleasing version of the typical iCloud service.

The service has also proven itself to adjust photos by the use of machine vision, therefore, all the snaps taken by a user are easily searchable. In addition to this, the application gives a component where the users can create mini-films when the app recognizes redundant photos from the same day and the same location, be it any of the two. Thus I highly recommend giving it a go because it is worth it.

2. Mint

Looking for the perfect app to manage all your finances and overlook your expenses and such? Mint got you. This app will be sure to become your new best friend because it will help its users to save monetary resources for an upcoming trip, pay down a loan or how you keep overspending your monthly or weekly budget and such. This app will manage all your accounts such as credit cards, banks, investments, etc anything related to user finances and maintains it all under one banner. The app will provide insight on how much the user is spending this giving the user tools to set proper budgets, break down spending by grouping and categorizing in addition to offering reminders for incoming bills.

3. Dark Sky

Want a precise app that can predict the weather of your exact location and not just your city or country? This app will predict the weather of your precise location down to the last second but it does come with a light price tag of ‎$3.99.

4. Outlook for iOS

We have come so far in the vast modernization of the world and the ever evolution of technology that Microsoft managed to deliver the best contemporary email app. The focused inbox design deemed absolutely marvellous and well thought of and was good at separating human mail from sale spam and shady announcements with sketchy origins. The swiping gestures in the app version also work seamlessly.

5. Signal

If you are more into social media usage such as typical usage of a particular messenger and do business through it, then end to end encryption must be made a priority as well. Some messenger apps gather data from their users but with Signal, this app is capable of maintaining that potential data that would be harvested but doesn't store anything at all.

Top 10 iOS apps
Top 10 iOS apps

6. GroupMe

For casual internet goers who lives and breathes a ton of group chats, GroupMe app now makes it all easier by keeping track of all of your groups under one banner maintaining them. Name all your groups with custom set avatars and save photos and videos inside the group chats to refer later on.

7. Tasty

Need quick access to quick recipes? Try Tasty. This is one of my favourite food apps that provides its users with a ton of step by step video recipes and it is really good at guiding even the most noob to great culinary success. In addition to this, users have the ability to search by filtering ingredients, filter out particular ingredients and also filter by diet as well. This app is totally worth giving a try if you are even the slightest foody.

8. 1Blocker

This is by far one of the best world-renowned apps for track blocking users can get on iOS devices. But it does come with a hefty price tag of $3 for the full version but that is completely worth it because other than typical blocking of ads and trackers, the app is capable of disabling sharing via twitter things on webpages. If they are any apps user might want to whitelist, there is an option for it too.

9. Magisto

Need a smart app that can make videos for you in a jiffy but need it to look like a pro did it? Say hello to Magisto. This app uses artificial intelligence to edit all of your photos and videos together into videos you can share with anyone! The app comes with a bunch of built-in effects and animations as well. The application also provides a convenient sharing option as well.

10. iFTTT / workflow

This one particular app is a personal favourite and its meant for pros. But the app is meant for creating workflows with a series of commands or actions that can basically automate some activities and responses. Basically the user creates customized mini apps that can run within an app, on the home screen, etc. iFTTT mostly, which is also known as If This Then That helps the automation of a process or helps in automating any activity the user does with their device.

Top 10 iOS apps
Top 10 iOS apps


These apps could add real spice to your typical boring iOS device usage and they are already some of the best iOS apps of 2019. So check them out and do comment your own favourites down below!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Barbara Vega


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