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Top 10 most expected gadgets of 2011

Updated on January 27, 2011

Most of the expectations are associated with Google. Recently, vice president of mobile platforms Andy Rubin introduced a new tablet PC from Motorola, running with an operating system Google Android. OS Version - 2.3 (Gingerbread). 

In addition, Google is working on a secret project of social network that can outrun the leader of this field Facebook. After the failure of technology Google Wave consumers are hoping for something more impressive.

Since the mid of 2011 Google will supply notebook of Acer and Samsung with Chrome OS installed on their new system. Despite the fact that at the moment the system is unstable, it is likely that the final version of the OS and functional equipment, coupled with the low price make the Chrome OS worthy competitor. Notice that the main feature of the system will dominate the Web-based applications over the conventional functions of OS. The key role is given to an Internet browser.

Also, many consumers are waiting for news from Apple. In the spring of 2011 on sale must do a new version of the acclaimed Tablet PC iPad 2. According to Taiwanese Internet portal DigiTimes, Apple has plans to sell 6 million copies per month.Some of new features of the second version are two cameras, video conferencing and reduced price - about $ 200. 

Also rumored to be in the first half of 2011 a new version of Mac notebooks from Apple, which will be applied a new data transmission technology Light Peak, having a speed of 10 gigabits per second. This is twice the speed of technology USB 3.0, whose release will also be held in the first half of 2011 recall a few years ago Apple removed from new versions of their computers, high-speed ports FireWire. 

With regard to one of the main products of Apple - iPhone - it is expected that in 2011 (forecast - from March) 23% of the owners will use the services of the mobile operator Verizone. Note that at this time exclusive partner for the sale of Apple iPhone is AT & T.

Apple's competitors are also vigorously promoting their products to market electronics. At the beginning of 2011 on the shelves will be the Canadian response iPad - Tablet PC from the company Research In Motion (RIM), which is also developing a design for a world-renowned smartphones BlackBerry. The new product has a high work rate, which has already been demonstrated in promotional videos of the company.

Also, news came from the computer manufacturer Hewlett-Packard (HP). The company plans to fulfill its longstanding promise to release a new PDA-based system WebOS absorbed from HP company Palm. Product release, codenamed "Topaz" is scheduled for the first half of 2011.

A lot of expectations due to the manufacturer of gaming platforms. Among the leaders - the portable console Nintendo 3DS, announced at exhibition E3 in May 2010. The new console uses three-dimensional graphics and Wi-Fi. In addition, on both halves of the console are installed two cameras, allowing make three-dimensional images. In the U.S., Nintendo 3DS will be available by March of this year, the price will be about $ 300. 

One of the leading Japanese electronics manufacturer Sony plans to release a PSP Phone. This long-term project by the authors of one of the world's most popular PlayStation console was conceived as a response to iPhone. However, now that appeared on the market is the fourth version of the smartphone from Apple, Sony products have lost their relevance.


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