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Top 15 Boosters To Put Bad Cell Phone Reception In The Past

Updated on July 20, 2020
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How to Computer has an associate degree in interactive media as well as graphic design.

Stop the Chopped or Dropped Calls

Is it hard to receive cell phone service where you live? Climbing tables and chairs, or if it's a nice day, climbing to the roof top just to get a few bars of reception?

I know the hike to better cell phone reception all to well. Living in the middle of nowhere in a steel framed house often sent me climbing to the tallest point on the property trying to keep an important call from being dropped.

I can't tell you how many times I went crazy due to calls dropping from loss of cell signal before I decided to look for a solution. However, I can tell you about what I've found to get more cell phone reception, and it is amazing at boosting my cell phone service reception.

There are a few different makers of cell phone signal boosters. Being as they are fairly pricey, I can really only comment and review the particular signal booster that I purchased.

Boost cell phone service with a repeater amplifier.
Boost cell phone service with a repeater amplifier. | Source

Will a Signal Amplified Repeater Boost My Cell Signal?

In general, a signal booster will receive the signal from the nearest cell tower. It then uses an amplifier to amplify the signal, and then sends the amplified signal back out for your cell phone to receive.

The signal booster I purchased had easy to follow set up instructions. As long as you have electricity to power the cell phone signal amplifier receiver in your home or vehicle, you will have a boosted cell signal.

How much of a signal boost you get will depend on your placement of the receiver. You'll want to place it where there isn't a lot of obstructions between the receiver and tower.

Without using the booster my signal at best is two bars. When I have the signal booster turned on I get no less than 4 bars. I no longer have to tell everyone in the house to freeze when an important call comes in.

Improve Cell Phone Reception Where You Need It.

If you're tired of asking "Can you hear me now", you really should look into improving your cell phone reception with a signal booster.

Many who have bought a signal booster, have been kind enough to leave a product review so you can really make an informed decision on your purchase.

In fact those reviews, along with affordability is how I made my choice when I bought the unbranded GSM repeater booster. I'm very happy with the cell reception I receive at home now that I have my signal booster.

Gain your sanity back, as well as better cell phone reception, and take a look at the boosters available. To make it easy and time saving for you, here's a list of the signal boosters I'm aware of. The signal booster I chose being at the top of the list.

Top 15 Cell Phone Signal Amplified Boosters

Many of the booster developers can offer you devices for pretty much anywhere you need. Providing amplified cell signal to businesses, homes, garages, warehouses, boats, and vehicles as long as there is a cell tower within the device's reach. With that said I'll add a bit more product information only to the products that are unique, though the majority of this list will be mainly the just the product name, as prices vary wherever you shop.

1. GSM Repeater Booster

An Unbranded GSM repeater booster is one of the least expensive yet reliable solutions to improve cell phone signal. You can find them or any of the branded amplifier repeaters below on eBay, Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and several other retailers that deal with tech.

2. Weboost

3. Surecall

4. Anntlent

5. Hiboost

6. Orpey

7. Phonetone

8. Lintratek

9. Wilson

10. Cel-Fi GO X

11. Cisco

12. Willstar

13. SolidRF MobileForce

14. Uniden Link

15. As Seen on TV Antenna Signal Booster

These can only be used with cell phones that have a removable battery. They are by far the cheapest option to increase signal reception but are not quite as efficient as the repeater amplified boosters.

Thanks for Reading!

I know how crazy a dropped or chopped call can make you. That's why I compiled this list. I really hope this list of signal boosters can help bring sanity back to those with bad cell phone reception. Much love.


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