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Top 15 Dirtiest Siri Reponses

Updated on October 15, 2017
Not so innocent Siri
Not so innocent Siri | Source

Siri talks dirty

1) Are we human or are we dancers?

2) I have a gambling addition

3) Who's your daddy?

4) Where are the prostitutes?

5) I want to jump off a bridge.

6) Where can I get a happy ending?

7) Where do lesbians hang out?

8) Remind me to poop tomorrow at 2pm.

9) I'm gay...

....then answer "Yes"

10) "Women"

11) Siri what do boobs look like

12) Where is the nearest gloryhole?

13) Where can I get a happy ending?

14) Siri talk dirty to me

15) But I love you Siri!

Share your own funny responses from your own No-so-innocent personal assistant

We have had lots of fun talking with Siri. We hope you can have just as much fun!Please comment with your own responses below! Please comment and share, we really appreciate it!

© 2017 chasemillis


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