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Top 3 Email Marketing Tools: iContact vs. Constant Contact vs. GetResponse

Updated on March 3, 2014

Here is a fact about email marketing - regardless of how brilliantly you have conducted your marketing campaign, and even regardless of the humongous size of your mailing list - in the absence of the right email marketing tool to take care of the distribution of your emails as well as to have a perfect analysis of the results, your entire email marketing campaign will eventually flounder into insignificance. That is why you need the right email marketing tool - to make the very last steps in your email marketing campaign work to perfection, and in order to get the best bang for your incredible hard work. Without further ado, we present the best three email marketing tools in the business that you may consider for your next campaign.

1. iContact

Pros :

  1. When it comes to picking the best email marketing tools, you cannot go wrong with iContact.
  2. The great thing about iContact is its excellent user interface - which makes it exceedingly easy to use. So, whether you are a beginner at email marketing, or a hardcore expert, you will just love working with this tool.
  3. One way to find out whether your email marketing tool is really good is to check out how it integrates with the other customer relationship management or CRM software that you own. iContact easily and seamlessly integrates with your other CRM software.
  4. It also integrates beautifully with any of your websites or with the lead collection methods employed by you.
  5. Also important while selecting the right email marketing tool is the social media integration, as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are playing ever greater roles in email marketing. iContact is excellent in this area, providing an excellent, seamless integration with your social media platforms.
  6. With the latest iPhone and Android smartphones available in the market, mobile is fast becoming the most important medium for email marketing. iContact has woken up to the huge potential of mobile applications and provides some really cool tools that help you in your email marketing anywhere and any time - from your mobile.
  7. What's more, the prices are reasonable too. Just $10 per month for the first 500 contacts.


  1. While iContact is a very good email marketing tool, and suitable for most purposes, there are other more sophisticated tools available in the market that cater to the more complex needs of the more experienced email marketing professionals or big businesses better - such as Constant Contact.

2. Constant Contact


  1. If you are a very experienced marketer, and have several thousand contacts with you, Constant Contact is the best solution for your needs as it helps to very easily manage your huge contact lists. With this tool, you can scale up your needs very quickly and efficiently.
  2. You may perform complex email marketing with Constant Contact using the sheer high number of the templates and the several tools it provides. This is particularly useful for a larger business that needs to do its marketing to a large number of potential customers, all over the world.
  3. The social media integration with Constant Contact is absolutely top notch. You may very easily use Facebook, Twitter and other social media platforms along with Constant Contact to run a most effective campaign.


  1. Not the best option for beginners. Constant Contact is a wonderful email marketing tool to have if you have a more developed business and have been running email marketing campaigns for quite a while. In other words, Constant Contact is ideally suited to the experienced pros or the bigger businesses that run email marketing campaigns, and in particular for their more complex needs. Absolute beginners should ideally pick easier options such as iContact or GetResponse.
  2. The user interface of Constant Contact further proves our point. It is not simple, to say the least. But still, by picking up a little experience and after a few good attempts at email marketing, it is possible for you to get a better grip over Constant Contact's user interface design.
  3. The price of Constant Contact is on the higher side, which is understandable because it provides many more features than the other email marketing tools in the market. For the first 500 contacts, Constant Contact sets you back by $15. And the price only gets higher with more contacts.

3. GetResponse

Pros :

  1. GetResponse is quite possibly the easiest email marketing tool in the market. Beginners, and even absolute rookies to email marketing, absolutely love this tool. If you are completely new to email marketing and are not sure how it works, we recommend GetResponse very highly to be the first email marketing tool to be used by you.
  2. The user interface of GetResponse is simplicity itself, and helps you create the most beautiful landing pages and professional looking newsletters. For a user who is creating his very first newsletter and his very first landing page, GetResponse is mighty useful.
  3. The pricing of GetResponse makes it highly attractive to the rookies among you. This is because, you may try out the free version of GetResponse for a 30 day trial period. If you are satisfied with it, and wish to continue, only then you may go for an upgrade. You can upgrade it to manage as many 1,000 contacts for as little as $15 - making it highly affordable.


  1. If you are a hardened pro at email marketing with several years of experience, several hundred campaigns to your credit and several thousand contacts in your possession, GetResponse can be quite a drag. GetResponse is not as good as other tools discussed by us such as Constant Contact, when it comes to handling contacts that are well over ten thousand or more in number.


Email marketing is potentially a highly profitable online business to be involved in, and highly regarded professional email marketeers often make a lot of money. But to help them in achieving this, the right email marketing tool is mission critical. We have discussed 3 very good email marketing tools. Of them, GetResponse is best for beginners at email marketing, Constant Contact is for the true pro, and iContact has a bit of something for everyone, regardless of his or her experience level.

Which tool you find the best :

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© 2014 Mohamed Alawdan


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