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Top 3 Best iPhone Video Editing, Production And Sharing Apps; Enjoyment For Both Video Editor Fanatics And Share Addicts

Updated on July 14, 2012
iPhone 4S and its fantastic 8-megapixel camera
iPhone 4S and its fantastic 8-megapixel camera | Source

Utilizing you iPhone's camera

Nowadays our smartphones have become the center our lives and they are even taking the place of our computers in many areas. They are even making their way into some functions that were until recently accessible only for the PCs. Some of those spaces are video editing and production, image editing, and even music recording and mixing. This is an unstoppable trend and its only going to get bigger from here on.

It's no secret that Apple's iPhone has a better camera than the point-and-shoot cameras that we used to carry around to capture our own lives with. So having that in mind and putting it together with the computing power that we now carry in our pockets everywhere we go, it only makes sense for us to be using it more and more for various task. This is presenting us with the historically unprecedented option of being able to capture, edit and share video on the go using nothing but our iPhones, paired with the video app that suits us best.

So here is the list of the top 3 contenders for handling our video production business right out of our touchscreen companions:

1. Splice

Cost:: Free; in-app purchases ranging from $0.99 to $3.99

Splice is a wonderful tool that turns your iPhone into a video production workstation with a powerful intuitive user interface and wide range of functionality, surpassing all its current competition. It allows you to capture, edit and share videos, making it possible for you to add and mix music and sounds, add visual effects and adjust various properties.

Its basic tools work well and might be enough for basic users, but it also presents power user with additional options like video trimming, slow motion and sound effects available through reasonably priced in-app purchases. The timeline view makes editing intuitive for both professionals and hobbyists who simply want to get the best out of their videos directly from their iPhone's touchscreen. And when you are done you an upload it directly to YouTube.

Splice iPhone screenshots

Click thumbnail to view full-size
timeline viewAdding sound effects
timeline view
timeline view | Source
Adding sound effects
Adding sound effects | Source

2. iMovie

Cost:: $4.99

iMovie could be called the native iPhone video app since it was created by Apple themselves and it is one of the most popular titles in the iOS space. Much like the Mac version of the program, it allows users to manipulate their videos in a numerous ways including editing them, inserting photos and soundtracks. It comes with 8 preloaded themes with ready soundtracks and transitions which might make working with it a breeze even for the least tech-savvy users that would like to add a little bit more flair to their personal video productions.

The app allows users to upload their iPhone-created masterpieces directly to video-sharing services like YouTube and Vimeo for all of their friends, relatives and coworkers' amazement.

iMovie iPhone screenshots

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3. Socialcam

Cost:: Free

Now Socialcam adds a different spin on the iPhone as a video production device. It's a brand new app trying to do for video what Instagram did fro images. The fact that the emphasis here would be on sharing your videos with your friends and followers is evident directly from the title. So if you are in for videos as something social then this is the app for you.

The app comes with a number of filters you can use and you have the ability to add friends within the app. You have the ability to upload both public and private video and to browse, like and comment videos uploaded by others and you an keep an eye on your friends' video-uploading activity. Uploaded videos can be shared on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and even e-mailed and texted.

Socialcam promotional screenshots

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