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Top 5 Android Backup Apps

Updated on March 13, 2011

#1: SMS Backup for Android

The app is awesome. It stores my SMS and I don't need to worry about them. I like it because:

  • The phone does not have to be rooting-enabled
  • It stores the files in readible format
  • It's integrated with my GMail account
  • It supports my native language (Russian)
  • I can choose the storage (SD, GMail, Internal)

Site: SMS Backup Android

SMS Backup Android Screenshot


#2: Contacts Backup

Another application I want to share allows me to make sure that my contacts are in safely place.

Application gives you two modes for backing the data. The data can be store

  • in your device‚Äôs SD card
  • or also all the info can be stored on the Online secured servers of My Backup Pro.


#3: Applications Backup

AppMonster Pro will let you backup applications installed on your Android Mobile phones and let you get back in any circumstance. New AppMonster Pro features automatic app backup. Every time you install an app AppMonster makes a backup for you.

#4: Backup Photos

Photo Safe Auto Backup allows you to backup you photos. The nice thing about this application is that it stores the data at the cloud which means that you are utilizing the cutting edge software.

#5: Backup Applications

App Manager is the best tool that allows you to backup your applicaitons. The very useful features of the application are

  • The one that shows how much memory you have for applications
  • The one that shows how much memory is left on your SD.

What applications are your favorites?

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    • profile image

      Zehra 5 years ago

      heyyy... a very informative list.. I would like to add another app to the list. I used Backup Caretaker for the backup of SMS, MMS, Contacts, Call logs and custom dictionary. I used the Lite version that created the backup on SD card. There is another paid version as well that create online backup. More details can be found on :